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Installing a biogas digester

This technology is being installed in India, Tanzania and elsewhere, but is just as applicable here in UK.

It extracts 40m3 of methane from slurry each day. The methane can be burned to produce heat directly or it can be used to drive an electricity generator.

The slurry is then spread on the land as usual, with the added benefit that there is no smell (since the methane has been largely removed) and caws can feed within a day.

Installing a biogas digester

23rd February, 2010

This gallery of images shows the simple, low-tech processes involved in turning organic wastes into a clean-burning, forest-preserving cooking fuel

The images and the installation depicted are provided by development company Diligent Energy Systems, in Arusha, Tanzania.

This particular digester has a capacity of 60 cubic metres, and produces 60 cubic metres of biogas each day, using effluent from a nearby toilet block and 40 kg of crop residue from jatropha plants.

BIOGENGREENFINCH anaerobic digestors have similar designs available - see Renewable Energy Directory