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The year of transition

PaulS's picture

Thank you everyone who participates in the forum, keeping it informative, entertaining, and relatively peaceful! Let's keep it that way and expand it further in the new year.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas. I hope it is merry, jolly, hilarious and satisfying for you. Of course, for some it may be a period that will focus some of the worries we have in our lives and the world, and I can only wish for those of you to whom that applies that it is limited, and that this period may also bring some cheer.

‘Happy New Year’ just doesn’t seem appropriate. 2009 is looking like it will be a tough year, and maybe the start of many tough years, so instead I wish you good luck, and may hope carry you through 2009 and beyond. The future is mostly uncertain, with the only certainty being that we will be living with a deepening energy and climate crisis. But the political, business and public world is just not keeping up with that reality in a way that will sufficiently mitigate these crises. So once again, good luck.

We have not yet done as much with Transition in 2008 as I would have liked, although some 5000 hits on the website is not a bad start!

I wanted to see people and communities to respond to and speak about Peak Oil, and through Transition and media communications, some have and some have even started preparing.

As for climate change we have witnessed a shift in attitudes over the last year or so to realisation that it may now possibly be too late to stop it from happening. With both Peak Oil and Climate Change, it is going to take a miracle to avoid a disaster.

Yet I ask you to remember that the things we fear because of Peak Oil and Climate Change – the economic and food insecurity, the interruption of energy supplies, conflict over resources, and the loss of many things we are used to – all these are experienced by large sections of the world’s population right now. So what we should celebrate this Christmas is that the lights are still on, there is food on the plate, some money in the pocket and relative safety and security.

My friends, celebrate that, and have a Merry Christmas, and enjoy Good Luck and Hope in the New Year. May Christmas 2009 be as good as this!


Picking up on a line in Pauls Blog - about 'the things we fear'. Who was it who said that "we have nothing to fear but fear itself"?

Why don't we simply accept that things are changing for the worse? That the days of cheap energy are behind us? That we we really should do our best to help protect the environment?

Simply choose to embrace whatever it takes to make a difference. Because to quote Barak Obama "Yes we can"
and to do it this way is coming from a place of power, with purpose and determination.

We CAN make a difference!