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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

Events in St Endellion

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StEndellion for award

St Endellion, the 'Climate Friendly Parish' has been shortlisted for this years Future Friendly Awards. Congratulations! Great inspiration to all of us.
Future Friendly Award

1.This award has given us the opportunity to show what we have been doing over the past couple of years, but also to explain what we would like to do if we were awarded the £20,000 bursary. The work we have been doing would continue but the projects we would particularly like to pursue are:
Supporting the installation of renewable energy generation at our local primary school. On the video you will see the old solar panels which were part of the original building in the 1970s. Clearly Port Isaac was ahead of the game. Unfortunately they never worked properly. The funding would allow us to support the school in exploring options for future installation - perhaps repairing or redesigning the old one, or installing a new one.

2.Insulation of public buildings in the parish. So far we have been struggling to get our first one off the ground - the Village Hall, but things are looking promising. Our partners in this venture are Miller Patterson, the insulation people, and Community Energy Plus, a Cornwall-based charity which has given us enormous support. However, there are other public buildings like the Church Halls, and indeed the church, which we are hoping to help with such projects. Our faith and climate group would take the lead on that work.

3.Transport is a big source of greenhouse gases, and we would like to do everything we can to encourage the use of public transport. Our start on this is to provide everyone with easy access to the local bus timetable through printing a credit card sized timetable and having all holiday homes and lets with a timetable on the wall. Our guess is that holiday makers would use the buses much more if they knew where they could get to easier, and whether they could get back!

4.We are part of a community supported agriculture scheme and would like to work much more closely with the local farmers on developing a local food network for the parish. The original work we did with the University of Cornwall covered the issue of best agricultural practice as far as greenhouse gas emissions was concerned and some funding here would help us take this work forward. There are also big grants for farmers to install renewable energy generation and we would like to support that work too.

5.Joint educational work with the local school would be another area we would like to use some of the bursary for, and so far we have only been able to do some limited teaching - on photovoltaic cars!