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Jacobstow Information

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Cottage Farm fresh meat box scheme

Cottage Farm is a traditionally run, small sustainable farm near Jacobstow in organic conversion.

Our animals spend all their lives on our farm grazing peacefully on the lush green permanent pastures of our fields. No fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides are applied. Further more, our animals are fed almost exclusively on grass: no supplements and no GM feeds.

Most beef available in shops is from Continental breeds which grow very fast. To support this rate of growth they need to be fed vast quantities of supplementary fodder, mostly GM based as those are the cheapest. Also, most beef from shop has not been hung.

In contrast we have chosen a local, traditional breed, the Red Ruby cattle, which are well suited to the conditions in Cornwall, do well simply on grass and do not need any supplementary feed. And we hang the sides for 3 weeks to further improve tenderness and flavour.

As a result, our meat is beautifully marbled, tender and delicious as well as having an excellent flavour. It is also very pleasing to think what happy and peaceful lives the animals have led on our farm: no stress, just open fields of green grass, their idea of heaven!

As Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall says in his River Cottage Meat book: "The Red Ruby cattle have an excellent, mild temperament and are extremely well adapted to unfertilized grazing. Bred to withstand harsh winters, they grow more slowly and have natural ability to put on fat reserves. It is this natural growth pace and natural diet that makes the close-grained, well-marbled meat British beef at its best. They simply produce the best beef I have ever tasted."

We provide fresh beef boxes of mixed cuts, everything from fillet steak to mince beef in the following sizes: 10kg, 15kg or 30kg. Prices range from £5.15 to £6.50 per kg and local delivery is free.

This is less than ordinary beef costs in supermarkets! So what do you have to lose? Order now and soon you will be enjoying our natural fresh product.

Our fresh lamb boxes come in two sizes: half a lamb (about 10kg) at £55 (£5.5/kg) and a whole lamb (about 20 kg) £93 (£4.65/kg), with free local delivery. Again, less than you would normally pay at a supermarket!

Enough said. Try one of our fresh meat boxes and I assure you you will not be disappointed. Just look at our excellent feedback, just click on the website below!
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