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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

Jacobstow Parish Plan

For proposals and discussion of the Jacobstow Parish Plan.

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community owned energy project

This is the type of grant scheme that we could make use of to build our own community owned reneable energy project (too late for this one, but if we get ready we should qualify for the next scheme):

The government has decided to allocate some £500,000 to each of up to 20 communities with well advanced plans for moving to Low Carbon.


* Notice of intent to government via Council by 26th October
* Full application end November
* First Mover projects must be ready to purchase Low Carbon
investment ( ie wind turbines, gshp, insulation etc ) before end Mar 2010
* Second Wave must purchase in next financial year
* Most of the half million £ is for hardware (10% can be for
project management)
* There is a small amount of finance for Third Sector applicants to help develop the plans

Most of the conditions are suggesting approaches which Transition Groups will be working up anyway, and include

* integrated projects
* low carbon Zones leading to wider whole community low carbon areas.

The project is about involving a broad section of people living and working in communities to develop plans for their area that integrate technology or infrastructure - such as wind farms, electric cars or home energy refurbishments - with financial and behavioural measures to create a broader low carbon area or 'zone'

The government wishes to achieve through this a better understanding of the scale of reduction in carbon emissions and energy demand that can be achieved within local communities from the development of integrated community support packages, and the contribution that this can make to delivering large carbon cuts quickly

Grant applications must demonstrate significant carbon emission savings, value for money and economic benefit to the community. Bids must also demonstrate how they will use this capital as part of a wider and integrated 'package' of support for households, community buildings, schools and/or businesses in the area.