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Jacobstow Parish Plan

For proposals and discussion of the Jacobstow Parish Plan.

To add a new idea/ proposal, just click on 'Add new comment'.

To comment on an idea, first read the details and then click on 'reply' and enter your comments, be they supportive or opposing.

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Jacobstow Newsletter

I think that the Parish Plan provides a great opportunity to re-establish a monthly Jacobstow newsletter.

The main initial purpose of the newsletter could be to disseminate information, progress reports and requests of help or information eminating from the work on the Parish Plan.

For example, the Steering Group have drawn up a letter to all Jacobstow residents and businesses, requesting ideas for inclusion in the eventual questionnaire. This has so far been distributed to about one third of all the properties in Jacobstow (in areas looked after by Paul and Pete), plus some 50 letters have been picked up by individuals from the Post Office.

Even allowing for further people being contacted on an ad-hoc basis and through talks to interest groups, it is quite possible that less than half of Jacobstow residents will have actually received the letter and as a result many if not most Jacobstow residents will be excluded from contributing ideas to the Parish Plan questionnaire.

Since there are only 188 properties within the Jacobstow Parish, i.e. some 30 per Steering Group member, much better to distribute such information to every property in the Parish and thus ensuring that every resident has an opportunity to participate as fully as they wish.

Another example is the report of the last Steering Group meeting, published in the Post and also on this website. Again, it is doubtful that it will reach more than a comparatively small minority of Jacobstow residents.

There is another way: Jacobstow Newsletter

Such a monthly newsletter could be used to not only circulate information from the Parish Plan steering group, but also involve the various interest groups currently active within the Parish.

Sue Russell, the head of Jacobstow School, is keen for the school to be better integrated into the life of the Parish and vice versa.
Some businesses (such as our own Cottage Farm) would be keen to support the Newsletter through advertising.
Various interest groups would most likely be happy to use the newsletter for reporting on their own activities and for attracting further members.
The Parish Council may wish to make use of the media for publishing the agenda for their next meeting, so that interested parties are alerted to attend.
In general, it would allow the whole community, especially the outlying areas, to pull together, to learn what is already happening now and what is planned, and thus to participate more fully in the Parish life

The Jacobstow Newsletter need not be a large publication. I should think that initially it may consist of perhaps 3 A4 sheets of paper. With 188 copies, plus perhaps 50 copies available for sale at local shops, the total printing costs may not exceed £10, which could come out of the Parish Plan budget and/or perhaps the Parish Council may wish to offer support, since having monthly reporting on the Parish Plan would greatly improve its validity.

The major problem is distribution. I think we shall need 6 or more volunteers to distribute the newsletter to every house and business in Jacobstow, i.e. about 30 houses each. A task which should take 1-2 hours per month.

Any volunteers?