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Jacobstow Parish Plan

For proposals and discussion of the Jacobstow Parish Plan.

To add a new idea/ proposal, just click on 'Add new comment'.

To comment on an idea, first read the details and then click on 'reply' and enter your comments, be they supportive or opposing.

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Jacobstow Parish Plan letter


This is a letter to everyone who lives in Jacobstow, or has a business in Jacobstow Parish.

At a recent meeting of the Parish Council it was decided that we should create a Parish Plan for Jacobstow. Most of our neighbouring Parishes already have their own Plan (or are in the process of creating one) and obviously we don’t want to be the only Parish in the area without one. The new Unitary Authority for Cornwall, once it is created, will have the power to impose their plans upon us – and we certainly don’t want that to happen! If we have our own Parish Plan then we get a much bigger say.

You might be asking “What exactly is a Parish Plan?” Put simply, it is simply a statement as to what the people living in Jacobstow want for their Parish, both now and in the future. It could cover anything from asking for drains to be cleared more regularly to prevent flooding to an improved bus service, more facilities at the Village Hall, better speed control on the A39 or having a local Doctor’s surgery. Almost everyone will have their own idea of what they would like to see in a Parish Plan and it is important that we find out what these ideas are. To do this a separate group of people (known as a Steering Group) have been set up who will be responsible for finding out the information from residents in the Parish and presenting it as a written document. The whole process will take about a year, so we don’t expect the actual Parish Plan will be finished until the Spring of 2010.

So that we can create the Plan a Questionnaire will be sent to every resident in the Parish (and those who have a business in the Parish but live elsewhere) and we expect that to happen in the Summer of 2009. Before that we need to find out which topics should be covered by the Questionnaire. This is where we need your views and these responses will be confidential and anonymous.

How are we going to collect this information? There are several ways in which you can tell us about your views and suggestions:

a) Steering Group members will be talking to their neighbours about items for the Questionnaire and also to a number of local groups such as Womens Institute, Jacobstow Primary School, the Church, Parish Hall Committee, local businesses etc.
b) You can phone any of the following people:
Bob Reason (Parish Councillor) 01840-230173
Sue Burrows 01566-781292
Jeanne Gimblett 01840-230113
c) You can put your comments in a special box provided for this purpose at Wainhouse Stores.
d) You can e-mail any comments to
e) Transition North Cornwall have kindly offered us some space on their website where you can leave comments and follow the progress of your Parish Plan. To find this just go to the following: then click on “Individual Parishes” and select “Jacobstow”. You will see there is a section on the Parish Plan.

Once sufficient suggestions are made the Questionnaire will be produced and agreed with the Parish Council. The Questionnaires will then be sent out and when they are completed and received back again the results will be analysed by the Steering Group. After this comes the most important part to decide which items to include in the Parish Plan. A Public Meeting will be called so that everyone has an equal say in what happens.

This is your chance to formulate the future of Jacobstow Parish.

Everybody’s opinion counts. Let us know what you think.

(Issued by the Steering Group members on 21-1-09)
Sue Burrows, Jeanne Gimblett, Pete Hambleton, Mike Quance, Bob Reason, Paul Sousek, Doreen Turner