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Jacobstow Parish Plan

For proposals and discussion of the Jacobstow Parish Plan.

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PaulS's picture

Bus service to Bude

My son is just starting a job in Bude and we were surprised to find that there are NO bus services that would take him to Bude and bring him back from his job.

The morning service is very infrequent, meaning he would have to wait around for 1.5 - 2 hours after arrival in Bude and before his job starts. The last evening bus leaves Bude well before he finishes at work.

As a result of this appalingly infrequent service he will have to drive. Go by public transport is currently impossible.

I think we need to have a bus services that runs
a) every hour in the morning, say between 8 and 10 am and
b) every hour between say 3 and 6pm
c) and every two hours between that and after 6pm
Then there is a chance that gradually people will begin to use it.

What do you think?