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Jacobstow Events

Jacobstow area Events and Actions, past and future:
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Report on Jacobstow Parish Meeting

Another Parish Meeting this evening, this time it was held in Jacobstow. This differed from the Week St Mary meeting in that it was not to discuss the Wind Farm in terms of a planning application but as a general forum for which I am grateful to the Parish Council for hosting it.

That said, it turned into an even more soul-sapping affair than the other one. It was more of a Question and Answer session with the 'majority' 'questioning' the two Good Energy representatives - who, by the way earned their keep by maintaining their decorum throughout under quite extreme duress. It was not a format that facilitated voicing support although Paul Sousek had a couple of valiant attempts.

As hard as I tried, I could not detect a single rational opposing argument, just a lot of emotive, subjective twaddle under the guise of asking a question to which they had not the slightest interest in the answer giving instead a plentiful opportunity to bask in the applause of those who likewise had no interest in the answer- Democracy; Don't you just love it?

The next major event is on May 13th at Budehaven School at 6:00 pm. This one is sponsored by Cornwall Council but somehow I doubt it will differ much from the Parish level meetings.

It was rather disappointing to see that the Council did not actually take a formal vote on the issue, but allowed the chairman to simply assume consensus, opposing the application. Surely, such an important decision requires a clear and transparent vote so that no councillor feels under pressure in either direction.