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Jacobstow Events

Jacobstow area Events and Actions, past and future:
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The Cornwall Renewable Energy Show

The Cornwall Renewable Energy Show will be held at the former Gaia Centre, Delabole:

Cornwall is currently heavily reliant on the importation of fossil fuels to meet much of its energy demands. Cornwall has an estimated energy bill of £1.4bn and the majority of this money leaves the Cornish economy. Energy costs continue to rise. Cornwall has a range of natural resources, such as wind, wave, solar, geothermal, biomass and hydro, from which electricity or heat may be generated.

There is increasing interest in these renewable energy technologies and Cornwall Council has organised this event to bring together developers, industry and householders in order to raise awareness of the considerable potential opportunities and benefits available. The first day is aimed at industry and businesses while the second day is aimed at householders and community groups with exhibitors promoting a range of different renewable energy technologies.


Paul Sousek

Spent 30 years in market research, discovered Peak Oil in 2005, changed my life, quit career, sold house, bought Cottage Farm, converted to organic, built up a herd of rare breed of cattle and sheep, selling meat boxes locally and in London, converted whole farm and house to a carbon sink: renewables for water heating, space heating, electricity (wind and panels), water from bore hole, running cars and tractor on home produced biodiesel made from waste vegetable oil, planted 100+ trees for wood, grow own veg & fruit, keep poultry. In short established an island of resilience. Now spreading the message through and holding Open Days through having cut carbon emissions by 100% to zero. Cottage Farm represents a ground breaking model of resilient farming powered by renewable energy.

Neil Farrington

Co-Director of Community
Power Cornwall - the
pioneering co-operative
venture to develop small to
medium scale communityowned
renewable energy
installations in communities
across Cornwall. Neil
is also the Sustainable
Energy Projects Manager
at Community Energy
Plus - Cornwall’s leading
sustainable energy charity.
Over the past eight years
Neil has worked with
communities to build
awareness about the
options for, and assist
with, the delivery of
renewable energy and
energy efficiency projects
in community settings.
Recent activity has
seen Neil move towards
providing a whole village,
parish or town support role,
as has been the case in the
Low Carbon Communities
Challenge project in the
parish of Ladock.

Stephen Frankel

Runs a small farm in
North Cornwall along low
carbon principles. He has
an academic background
in epidemiology, public
health and anthropology.
With a group of colleagues
he established the
Wadebridge Renewable
Energy Network (WREN) out
of incredulity at the lack of
any convincing responses
towards achieving carbon
reduction targets. WREN is
designed as an exemplar
of the population model
for establishing the low
carbon economy with
the collaboration of, and
substantial benefit to,
each local population.
The programme is being
evaluated in collaboration
with the University of
Exeter Energy Policy Group
to permit replication of
effective components.
The WREN programme is
described on www.wren.

Andy Tanner

After Graduating from
Bath University with a
Mechanical Engineering
Degree, Andrew
continued in education
and undertook an MSc
in Renewable Energy
with his thesis on “The
potential for renewable
Energy in Cornwall” back
in 1991. Andrew has been
working on sustainable
development issues for
public and private sector
ever since and established
Cornwall’s first solar PV
installation Company, PLUG
INTO THE SUN in 2005.
PLUG have now installed
over 400 installs totalling
over 1.25 megawatts of
solar PV. Installations have
been on every roof type
and ground mount for
and range from 1kWp up
to 250kWp for councils,
community groups and