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Jacobstow Events

Jacobstow area Events and Actions, past and future:
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21Jun2011: Clear About Carbon in Jacobstow

Elizabeth Band from the Clear About Carbon Project, run by the Duchy College, has recently been in contact with the Tamar Valley Organics Group, an Organic producer group that has a particular interest in biology Farming. As a result they will run a Carbon Focused meeting and farm walk at Cottage Farm, Jacobstow, particularly interested in seeing practical application of Carbon Mitigation in action.

The group is particularly interested in the synergy between Carbon sequestration and Organic Farmers, with a focus on new and unexplored markets.

The day would run something like

11:00 for a brief introduction from Clear About Carbon, An introduction to mitigation practise Cottage Farm have applied; followed by a farm walk.

13:00 for the group to eat packed lunches. Luch time onward is usually a discussion of the system and practise on farm untill 15:00

The Tamar Valley Organic group carbon interest is based at Carbon sequestration by building up organic matter in the soil due to cropping and applying FYM or compost with min or no-till operations!

The key areas to be explored on Cottage Farm will be

a) the use of deep rooted perenial fodder crops, such as switch grass, cocksfoot, meadow fescue, lucerne, chicory and perenial red clover.

b) the use of renewable energy technology to displace utilities based energy

c) the use of on-farm produced biodiesel made from either waste or home grown vegetable oil to displace all fossil fuels for transport and farm machinery.