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Renewable Energy for Jacobstow

Renewable Energy for Jacobstow

Back in 2009 I proposed a Community Owned Renewable Energy Scheme for Jacobstow (see here: ), which unfortunately was never published by the Jacobstow Journal or any mention of it included in the Jacobstow questionnaire prior to the production of the Jacobstow Parish Plan.

Community ownership would have meant that every single adult living in Jacobstow would have owned a share of the scheme. That share would have paid dividends approximately equal to the average electricity bill. In other words, everybody in Jacobstow would have enjoyed free electricity for the next 25 years.

However, since my proposal was not even discussed due to Mike Quance's veto of the subject of renewable energy, the scheme has not materialised.

We have therefore decided to go ahead with our own renewable energy scheme - and built a medium sized wind turbine on our land at Cottage Farm. The turbine has been commissioned in September 2013 and despite one or two technical hiccups, is performing well.

It is producing enough electricity to power about 30 average homes. This energy is entering the Grid right here in Jacobstow, which means that it is being used by all our neighbours and other residents of Jacobstow. I bet you didn't know that all your electricity was clean and unpolluting !

Obviously, a community scheme would have been much better, but thanks to Mike Quance, that has not formed part of the Parish Plan and thus would not have qualified for grants. Had it been part of the Parish Plan, something like half the cost of the scheme would have been covered by the Government and we would have all benefited greatly. That having been blocked, private enterprise was the only way forward. So I imagine there will be quite a few private wind turbines and/or PV array appearing in Jacobstow.

Here are a few pictures documenting the process of building the wind turbine: