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... for greater sustainability and local resilience


All about the production and use of biogas, anaerobic digesters and similar technologies

Holsworthy biogas plant

I have experience of the Holsworthy Biogas plant in its early days. There have been, I understand, some problems with it in the later years ranging around the financial side of it along with a smell & traffic nuisance. Both problems are solvable in my opinion.

The current Holsworthy operation is run by Andigestion and the objectors are at

There appears to be an anaerobic digester run by Andigestion nearer to you at Waterbeach, near Cambridge, rather than at Holsworthy, Devon.

I have videos on plants in Scandinavia, Austria, Germany and Jordan. I also have a huge range of literature on the subject where it is clear that all the problems have been solved. In short, I have quite a resource bank on biogas and it is at your service!!

Since we ultimately need to operate in a holistic fashion, I would definitely support the issuance of [green] kiloWatt hour based local currency to help gain a good feedstock while issuing a new local complementary currency. After all, we all, moreorless, use electricity and these [green] kiloWatt hour tokens would interest everybody. Think of them as 'money off' coupons. Not a brilliant idea to use 'money off' coupons for tobacco for local money as these days not many people use tobacco but coupons for electrical energy? YES!! Save your Sterling for other purposes! Sustainable local energy empowerment is what it is all about to me. Get off the grid as much as you can and deal with your waste at the same time by turning a big problem into an excellent solution.

There are many levels of technology. In India, Nepal and China, it can be seen just what peasant technology can achieve. I have an excellent book by David Fulford. See it at Amazon:

Other useful links:

and why not try a google search for "linkoping biogas"?

I have to go off line for the rest of the day but do get in touch again.

John Thomas