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All about the production and use of biogas, anaerobic digesters and similar technologies

dairy cows produce energy

Utility Turns Cow Poop Into Gas at Nation's Largest Dairy Farm:

Three Portland entities, Bonneville Environmental Foundation, NW Natural and The Climate Trust – a nonprofit that puts together carbon offset projects – are teaming up to tackle the manure problem at Threemile Canyon Farms in Boardman, Oregon - the largest dairy farm in the country. Its 41,000 cows collectively produce more than a million pounds of milk each day. But the cow waste – a whopping 120 pounds per cow per day – remains behind. Since late-November, some of that manure is serving as fuel for a biodigester designed by J-U-B Engineers Inc. of Boise, Idaho. The biodigester costs $1.5 million, 25 to 50 percent less than other designs. If the project proves successful, up to 15 biodigesters could be deployed at the farm. Just 62 of the 100,000 dairy farms in the United States have biodigesters.

As an aside, the slurry and/or manure used to generate methane in the bio-digester is improved by the process as a fertiliser to be spread on the land. The absence of methane means that it does not smell and is absorbed faster into the soil.

What proportion of UK dairy & cattle farms have biodigesters ?

In 1955 it was reported that some 50,000 small Indian farms had them !!