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Climate Friendly Food


I am an organic grower from Climate Friendly Food, a not-for-profit social enterprise based in the UK. We run a carbon footprinting and low-carbon food certification service, run by farmers for farmers (including growers, market gardeners and community food projects). Our philosophy is based on dissemination and community empowerment, inspired by the Transition model. This will enable us to collectively plan for resilient low-carbon food systems.

In October 2009 we will launch, in the UK:

Free online carbon calculator for all livestock, arable and growing enterprises practising organic techniques. The calculator will measure carbon emissions and carbon sequestration through the entire food chain

Low-carbon certification scheme, based on farmer-to-farmer inspections, low bureaucracy and low cost

Carbon label can be held in addition to third party organic certification or as a stand alone, appealing to smaller enterprises who cannot afford organic certification.

This will mark the arrival of the most comprehensive carbon calculator for farmers and growers available in the world, and the very first low-carbon food certification scheme. Climate Friendly Food will launch its carbon calculator on Mon Oct 12th in Totnes with Rob Hopkins of Transition Network, Martin Crawford of Agroforestry Research Trust and Ben Raskin from the Soil Association as speakers confirmed so far. Climate Friendly Food supporters will cycle between organic farms through Devon and Somerset, finishing in Bristol and an appearance at the Schumacher lectures on Sat Oct 17th.

One of the main motivating factors of Climate Friendly Food is the carbon sequestration potential of rich-soil farming. Initial research indicates that such methods of food production may have the potential to turn back the carbon clock. As carbon emissions from the food chain make up around 30% of the UK's carbon emissions (a figure that will be similar for all industrialised countries), food is a vital part of international targets of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050.

Climate Friendly Food would like to extend its reach to countries around the world. We don't want to profit from it, more set up toolkits to enable people from other countries to replicate our systems. If the benefits from rich-soil farming can be recognised on a worldwide scale, we have a chance of stopping runaway climate change – as well as improving the health of our soils and people.

We have a funding application to Artists Project Earth who are wanting to fund one idea that is most likely to change the planet. Please could you spare a few moments to tell us about yourself and why low-carbon food is important to you and your organisation? We have enclosed notes below, which outlines our vision for Climate Friendly Food. If you would like to work with us we would love to hear from you. There may be a short delay in reply as I am on holiday for a week but we will be back in touch. Please feel free to forward this. The return email is

Kind regards

Jenny Hall
Climate Friendly Food