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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

Farm Renewable Energy

Can you generate enough electricity on the farm not to have to pay any electricity bills ever again? Or even get paid something back? How is that done? What are the costs? Discuss here

farm wind turbines

Congratulations - glad you have planning permission. Interested though in your comment that you will not have to pay any more electricity bills. Presumably you will be using batteries to store the output of the turbines and then inverters to convert the DC back into AC power. Absolutely essential when you consider that the efficiency of turbines (load factor) is only 27-30% and also that, according to the Met Office, there are on average 10 or 11 days each year when there is insufficient wind to drive a turbine.
Anyway, as you well know Paul I am not against small turbines such as yours, only the very large wind farms and the apparent stupidity of the Government in relying on them to reduce CO2 emmissions. Did you know that even if we replaced fossil-fuelled pwer stations in the UK with turbines (or similar) the overall world-wide reduction in man-made CO2 emissions would only be 0.185%. Is this fractional reduction really worth the billions of pounds that we are spending on this technology?
Mike Q.