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Farm produced transport fuel

Is it possible to run landrover/ tractor or other machinery just on SVO (straight vegetable oil)? How do you do that? What are the problems? Can you make your own diesel? How/ how much/ any problems?

bio diesel info

You may find this site interesting

Whilst the diesel engine in theory, will run on non fossil fuels without a problem it is often overlooked that the injection system which delivers the fuel that is liable to fail.

Below are most forms of diesel injection pump/diesel injection system with details of their suitability to run 100% clean bio-diesel. Because there are so many variations on the forms/blends of non fossil fuels it is impossible to give a 100% accurate reliability report for each pump/injection system so our information is for guidance purposes only.

We have provided a star rating system as a guide.

Yellow stars relate to running a particular injection/system on bio diesel.