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Farm produced transport fuel

Is it possible to run landrover/ tractor or other machinery just on SVO (straight vegetable oil)? How do you do that? What are the problems? Can you make your own diesel? How/ how much/ any problems?

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DIY bio-diesel

I now produce my own biodiesel at well under 50p/litre, plus my time.

As of early January 2009 I am now running both of our cars (old Landy and a fairly new Ford) and the tractor on my own 100% biodiesel. We could even use biodiesel instead of heating oil in our oil fired combination boiler, but that may need a modification, I believe.

Contact me if you are interested in knowing more and once I get several enquiries I'll organise a seminar on the subject, where I will share with you the whole experience, how to go about it, what equipment and suppliers to use and a practical demonstration.

You pay no duty, tax or VAT on the first 2500 litres of biodiesel for road use and on unlimited quantities of heating oil replacement.