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Renewable Energy

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Big Field wind farm rejected by Cornwall Council

Today is a sad day.

The 21 Cornwall Councillors in the Strategic Planning Committee have voted 14 to 6 (1 abstention)to reject the excellent Good Energy Big Field wind farm proposal.

By this action they have demonstrated that Cornwall no longer wishes to play a significant role in the switch-over from fossil fuel energy to sustainable renewable energy.

Fortunately, the planning officer has managed to find just one significant reason to object: apparently the wind farm will spoil the view from Whitstone Church even though the wind farm will be over 4 km away and the wind generators, if visible at all, will be tiny specks on the horizon.

Given that, any appeal Good Energy may decide to launch is highly likely to be successful and the wind farm will hopefully be built sometime next year.

Some really laughable comments were made by a few opposing councillors, stating the opposite of known facts as if true and quoting a 'survey' undertaken by the opposing group at their own stand, where supporters feared to tread. I know I was one of the few supporters braving their stand and their aggression. You would not believe the fearmongering on the display. No wonder they managed to get a few local people to join them. If I believed what their displays were showing, I might have joined them as well.

Two councillors suprised me:

Andrew Long of Mebyon Kernow spoke and voted against the wind farm despite the fact that MK policy pamphlet assures the reader that they are in favour of sustainable renewable energy. Not this one, obviously!

However, the greatest surprise came when councillor Chopak, LibDems, representing the area of the wind turbine, spoke. She has attended several briefings on the project and always appeared to support the project, albeit with some reservations. However, her speech was entirely one-sided, giving only the opposition view, aligning herself with some of the worst of the opposition arguments and using misleading statements and misrepresenting the arguments for the project. And all that from somebody from the Lib Dems, apparently the most pro-renewables major party - only on paper it appears, not in practice.

Well, at least we know which parties cannot be trusted to support renewable energy.