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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

Renewable Energy

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notes for the Big Field debate speech

Big Field speech

Hello I am - organic farmer, powered by renewable energy- everything – runner up Farmer of the Year, numerous awards at Cornish Sustainability Awards.

Dear Councillors

This is a very important planning application

This is THE project that will determine whether Cornwall Council is actually serious about renewable energy, climate change mitigation, sustainability and energy resilience OR whether it's all just empty talk.

That is because this proposal is just about the best renewable energy project ever placed in front of you:

- it will generate vast amount of completely clean electricity for Cornwall

- Good Energy are providing fantastic benefits to all the local communities (Jacobstow alone will gain well over £300,000 in grants over the lifetime of the project and if we switch over to Good Energy tariff, we shall be saving some £40,000 per year in energy bills – PLUS there is the possibility of some form of investment and thus revenue sharing)

- The project will have a MINIMAL impact on the local community: all the possible and some of the impossible concerns and fears spread by the local objectors group have been addressed and explained

- Where small impact remains, Good Energy will mitigate them – shadow flicker, noise

- Visual impact is being greatly exaggerate by the objectors, but given the natural hollow of the wind farm position and given the distance to even the nearest dwellings, the wind turbines will appear only as quite small structures on the horizon – just draw it on a piece of paper: 1000 m distance. 125 height – the angle is minute, meaning the turbine will appear small.
In Week St Mary (where most of the objectors come from) the vast majority of residents will see absolutely nothing of the wind turbines – just look at the shape of the village – physically impossible

- Even during the 30-week construction phase, the disruption will be minimal. 3000 lorry movements over 30 weeks = 100 per week average, or about 2 PER HOUR. That’s less lorry traffic than we get right now. And no slow tractors of which we of course get a lot !
The slow vehicles for the turbine sections will travel overnight, so again no disruption to normal traffic and normal life

ON THE CONTRARY, Good Energy plan to widen and straighten some sections of our roads, and repair any damage afterwards, so that we end up with much BETTER and SAFER roads than we have now.

In conclusion, In my opinion it would be madness to stop this excellent project which appears to have NO DOWN SIDE at all and GREAT BENEFITS to local residents as well as Cornwall sustainability and resilience. I commend this proposal to you.

Cottage Farm Organics