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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

Renewable Energy

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Boost to local sustainability and resilience

Boost to local sustainability and resilience.

Good Energy, the only 100% supplier clean renewable electricity in the UK, are holding a second public consultation on their proposed energy park near Week St Mary on 4th September at Week St Mary Parish Hall from 12.30 to 8.30pm. It should be a good event to learn the facts about this scheme, the incentives offered to local residents and the much improved energy sustainability promised by this scheme.

The energy park is expected to generate enough electricity to power almost 20,000 households, it will create a substantial community fund, it offers good discount on Good Energy electricity tariffs, offers substantial economic benefits to the local communities and is expected to allow participation in the project by the local community and individuals, thus sharing future profits with local people.

Good Energy is a business and thus needs to make a profit, just like all other businesses, from international companies to the local Post Office, pubs, farms and other trades. Unlike most other businesses, they are offering to share their profits with the local community. And unlike most other companies they voluntarily limit 100% of their business to clean energy, even though dirty and environmentally destructive energy is cheaper and thus more profitable, at least in the short term.

Admittedly, Good Energy tariffs are slightly higher than some dirty electricity rates and thus their 20% discount will not save a fortune to everybody. However, as renewable energy technology approaches parity with fossil fuel energy, that will change to the benefit of local residents. In the medium term fossil fuels, being a non-renewable resource, have only one way to go, and that is up in price, while renewables are getting cheaper year by year and once installed are almost free to run.

It is of course open to local parish councils to negotiate directly with Good Energy with a view to obtaining even higher benefits for the local community. Let us hope that parish councillors are taking the initiative for all our benefit to further improve the scheme.

Despite the furious efforts of a vocal minority, it is clear that most people are in favour of the scheme. And no wonder, it is after all one of the best renewable energy schemes I have come across, well placed with a minimal impact on local settlements, good benefits for local residents and greatly contributing to Cornwall’s green credentials.