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Renewables/ wood pellets

I am sure these boilers are very good. Combined with a low priced pellet maker, the system could solve heating problems for some communities.

However, as Paul Mobbs demonstrated in his recent talk (and in his book), biofuels would require 3.3 times the land area of Britain to replace the fossil fuels currently used for that purpose. That's why 'doom and gloom' simply reflects the current reality.

I would certainly echo the sentiment that the renewable energy field is exciting and full of opportunities (for individuals), it is just not a solution for the whole country.

Every time someone mentions hydrogen, we must remember that hydrogen is just a carrier, not an energy source - bit like a battery. Also the currently available fuel cells rely on materials which would run out very quickly, should fuel cells be adopted on a large scale.

Hydrogen technology may get there one day, perhaps in 20 years time, but its not there yet - and world oil production will start to reduce either next year or the year after next.

I think the ONLY way forward is a massive investment in renewables AND reduction in consumption by perhaps 5%/year (halving every 15 years).

To reduce consumtion we need to complete reverse the current charging schemes: the first 25% of average consumption of energy (electricity for example) should be really cheap (say 5p/kW), the next 25% at double that (10p/kW), next 25% at 15p/kW (i.e. more expensive than now) and anything above that at a really expensive rate, such as 30p/kW.

TEQ (Tradable Energy Quota) is such a generalised system. See