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nuclear v. renewables

My view is we all have to move on from rigid pro or against lobbies.

Sustainability permeates all walks of life and we need concensus to find the best solutions regardless.

By accepting nuclear power is part of the UK energy mix the issues are whether we have more or less or even none at all. I think the practical aspects mean we have less but newer nuclear stations with the same historical input to UK grid and push for the legacy issues to be paramount and implemented.

The few UK pumped hydro schemes we have are vital parts of the grid and despite their size perform the essential duties of rapid spare capacity. They take less than a minute to come on line which is much quicker than any other source.

Pumped storage is not limited to water systems and the UK has many suitable underground sites for compressed air farms (old mines etc etc). Just by increasing our standby reserve generation the UK will require fewer base and spinning load power stations.

Renewables can approach 40% of the UKs electricity requirements, it can reduce the need for expensive asset replacements and time served plant, it does exhibit excellent life cycle and economic benefit and has no legacy issues.

So come on lets push the sustainable solutions but accept there is a place for some of the not preffered aspects too.

We should applaud Professor Mackay for promulgating succintly some of the compromises that are required.

Our organisations views are certainly similar to his (and this is after many years as "experts" in electrical distribution). We think he has underestimated the role of community energy and the UKs natural resources and the import export aspects though.