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The objectors fallacy

The objectors fallacy

I very much agree with Charmian: these proposed wind turbines require and deserve all our support.

Wind turbine objectors always produce three main arguments, all of which are mistaken. They claim that wind turbines are
1. ineffective
2. do not reduce CO2 emissions
3. would harm Cornish economy

Taking these objections one at a time

1. Wind turbines sited almost anywhere in Cornwall are highly effective and contrary to the misleading arguments of the objectors, do NOT require fossil fuel power stations as backup, at least until they provide more than 20% of electricity - and we are a long way from that. When we do reach that level, the UK grid will start using so called 'pumped storage' facilities for load balancing, which produce zero CO2, not dirty fossil fuel power stations.

Equally as important will be the greatly improved resilience we shall achieve for Cornwall in the face of diminishing oil and gas supplies world wide and thus gradually but greatly increasing prices of fossil fuels.

2. CO2 emissions will of course be greatly reduced by the switch over to renewables, including wind turbines, which are currently the most economical and best proven renewable energy source, particularly suited to Cornwall.

As fossil fuels increase in price and diminish in supplies, our whole economy will need to switch from burning fossil fuels to running on electricity, including public and private transport, and even space heating (which itself accounts for over 30% of our energy use).

3. Wind turbines will propel the Cornish economy into one of the more prosperous regions of the UK and Europe. Cornwall has more than enough renewable energy for its own needs and will be able to export energy to the rest of the UK and perhaps even to Europe at ever rising prices, increasing local standard of living, number of jobs, exportable expertise and much more.

Cornwall already attracts large number of 'green' tourists, who value the fact that their holiday does not damage the environment. This trend will only increase over time.

The whole Transition movement strongly supports the development and installation of all types of renewable energy schemes, wind turbines included, from Transition Towns in Totnes, Transition Cornwall Network and all local Transition groups - without exception. In fact, as far as I am aware, there are just two individuals who are wind turbine objectors but still wish to associate themselves with the Transition movement in Cornwall.

So do join me and the hundreds of others in supporting these planning applications here:

Two options

go on line to this link, record supportive comments and click on DO NOT OBJECT


After much searching on the Council website I did not succeed in finding the location for the Otterham application.

or send a letter, fax or email to

Mr Simon King
Development Control
North Cornwall District Council
3/5 Barn Lane
PL31 1LZ
Fax no 01208 265655

RE Davidstow Community Windfarm
Planning application No. 2008/01432

RE Otterham Windfarm
planning application no 2006/01274

But more than that, see if you can organise a group in your locality with a view to installing your own community owned wind farm, supported by subsides, to create an 'energy island' in your village, which will provide all your residents with tremendous benefits now and particularly in the future.