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object to the windfarms

Sometimes I despair as I am constantly amazed at how naive people are regarding windfarms - the request to register support for the Davidstow and Otterham proposals being just one example.

There is no evidence at all to show that they are liked by tourists and visitors. In fact the opposite is true as witnessed by the massive amount of local objections to these schemes, not only in Cornwall but throughout the UK.

Windfarms will do virtually nothing to reduce our CO2 emissions. Why? Because they are so ineffective that they have to have conventional power stations running in parrallel to provide backup for when the wind stops blowing. Regrettably when power stations are running in backup mode they are relatively inefficient and actually produce more CO2 than they would in "normal" mode.

Now for some facts and figures which are taken from the United Nations database and also from the UK National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory.

The UK produces 2.2% of the total amount of CO2 produced world-wide by human activity.
Within the UK the amount of CO2 produced by public generation of electricity from fossil-fuelled power stations is less than 10% of the UK total.
These figures show that even if all of the fossil-fuelled power stations were replaced with green energy it would only reduce our man-made CO2 emissions by 8.6% of the UK total or 0.185% of the world total. This very small figure pales becomes totally insignificant when the amount of CO2 produced naturally is taken into account. Using data from the United Nations Statistics Division our emissions would only reduce by 0.000019%. Are you really sure that this is what you want to do - especially as the expenditure required to achieve this is in the order of £208bn.
To summarise: Wind farms are ineffective as wind power is intermittent and unreliable, the power generated cannot (yet) be stored and they cannot meet peak consumer demand.

The only people to gain from windfarms are the developers and the local landowners.

If you are concerned (as you should be) as to what will happen when oil and gas supplies run out then do everything you can to support solar, geo-thermal, tide and wave power as alternative sources. In fact, everything except for windfarms.