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Stupid reactions@ World Premier

Will leave others to write about the first part (USA) of the Global Premiere of The Age of Stupid.... not least because none of us still standing at 6.18am in New York have two braincells to rub together...

See you
Franny, Lizzie, Rhiannon, Jahlia, Tom, Talanne and Laurel

Tonight I, my husband, and my 10 year old daughter were part of the global screening of The Age of Stupid. What utter, simple, brilliant work. To be so suddenly and powerfully presented with the clear responsibility of my generation ... words cannot possibly express what this does to one's body, mind and spirit. Truly. I thank you all for your faith, brilliance, vision, humor, and love. Let's do this together. - Karen H xoxox

Saw "The Age of Stupid" tonight. Blew my mind, I highly highly highly recommend you see it and then do something about climate change NOW!

Goodness, sadness, anger; such a range of emotion is difficult to evoke, and #AgeofStupid has done it! A movie, yes - a wake up call

Just back from seeing @ageofstupid. I will sell my car in a few weeks.

wow. at the screening of @ageofstupid and delightfully inspired

What a compelling film and interactive global event. We cannot rely on our corporate leaders for change. WE have to be those leaders, movers and shakers. The time is imminent, and I expect to see millions globally hitting the streets to demand change from the Copenhagen summit.

Watched the movie tonight and it was purely an awakening! Thanks to all the people who worked on it! I am going to be spreading the word and be taking some action! We all can do something! We all NEED to do something!

What an incredible film!!! Just saw it in Los Angeles. I am so moved. Thank you for making this film! I want everyone to see it and make sure Copenhagen happens!!

Just got home from the premier of The Age of Stupid, in West Palm Beach, Florida....I have never seen such a moving screening. I believe that there is something we all can do. My friends and I do what we can to help the environment, more can be done ...and we want to get people together to change things in our area. We want to get colleges together to screen this video. We too are college students and we don't want to just leave this issue alone. Thank you