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National Grid crisis

September 5, 2008

Breakdowns spark National Grid crisis in power supply: to read more click on:

Mr Brown said: “A low-carbon society will not emerge from business as usual. It will require new thinking and new technologies, new forms of economic activity and social organisation, new forms of consumer behaviour and lifestyles and your creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship to unlock the talents and skills of UK companies.”

What exactly does he mean by this?

No more business as usual???

New forms of economic activity??? Does that mean the end of profit as the single aim of business?

New forms of social organisation? God knows what he means by this!

New forms of consumer behaviour and lifestyles obviously means we have to learn to be happier with less, and do more work to boot.

"your creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship to unlock the talents and skills of UK companies", must mean he's realising that we're not going to be able to just buy stuff like power stations and turbines. We may have to actually build them ourselves < shudder >.....

Clearly government ministers know now we are in deep trouble but they are clueless as to what to do or even how to tell us. Look what happened after Darling's economy comments last Saturday. A record week's fall on the FT100. They must be very frightened of frightening the horses.

Of course they know..... we must stop thinking they don't know about Peak Oil.... BUT:

They don't know what to do.
They are scared of frightening the horses, exactly because they want Business As Usual, which allows their existence to continue without major change.
Their inaction is absolutely unforgivable, but they can only act within their political aspirations, goals and fears ie the parameters of the game as they know it.
It will take them a long while to inch towards what needs to be done.
In my opinion there is little chance of political leadership from the current crowd.
We probably need somebody from outside conventional politics to take control and lead us forth.
Unless war breaks out or TSHTF and people start to die - that always brings forward a leader.......

and people wonder why I am a doomer.....

Transition has a chance of helping at the local level, but there is little time left, perhaps a year.