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A collection of news stories, reports and announcements from or about Transition related matters.

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no wind today

Yes, we will run out of power. Yes, this is because the current and previous governments have failed to take action in time - despite advice from their enerrgy experts. One of the problems is the pro-wind lobby who (if you will excuse the expression) are just a lot of hot air. If they hadn't been so greedy then resources could be put to alternative methods of producing energy that actually work. Solar energy is gradually (but oh so slowly) expanding as are micro-hydro schemes. The long-term solution is bound to be wave/tidal/geo-thermal as they, at least, don't need conventional power stations as back-up.
It's interesting to see some of the items reported in the local press in recent times:
1. Eden Project has withdrawn their Planning Application for a wind-turbine as they don't consider it effective and are opting for other forms instead.
2. Planning applications for windfarms at Davidstow and Otterham have been rejected.
3. Plymouth Marine Acquarium have abandoned their two turbines as "they kill seagulls, did not produce the amount of electricity expected and the turbines were damaged by a storm.
4. A school in Plymouth has had to close down their two (small) turbines because of on-going complaints about the noise they generate.

I am sure our readers can find many more examples.

...and still the pro-wind lobby will not open their eyes ...