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independant Vesta

Paul, if you had read previous statements by Ed Miliband you would have found that the Government had already offered funding to Vesta but they had refused it.

What the statement by Ed Miliband concerning wind-power in Scotland shows is that here is yet another Government Minister who doesn't know what he is talking about. Then again what Government Minister does?

I will repeat my previous comment about windpower. How can windpower produce a low-carbon economy when you need (and always will need) coal-fired power stations as backup - unless you "go nuclear" which is not a desirable option?

The only logical alternatives which most sensible, far-sighted, people are supporting are solar, geo-thermal, wave or tidal.
All of these have a role, but in the UK wind is currently by far the better option. There are almost no commercial projects using wave or tide.

Eventhough wind is an intermittent source of energy, in a normal year the wind blows sufficiently to generate electricity somewhere around the British Isles on 356 days, leaving 9 days a year with no wind. In Cornwall the same figure is I believe 314 days out of 365, or 86% of the time.

There are several ways to cope with this disadvantage: see Zero Carbon Britain and Without the Hot Air for the various options - both in the Resources section.

Soon smaller wind turbines will no longer need planning permission, being classified as permitted development. Now, even the Government have decided that large scale wind power is a good idea - and not before time:

Fortunately, this anti-wind attitude seems to be losing ground, which is good as we are fast running out of time.