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RSPB against windfarm

Regular readers will know of my opposition to windfarms (because of their ineffectiveness) and How I much prefer the idea of green energy from solar, wave or tidal power. Evidence is mounting everywhere against windfarms - the latest being the following report in "The Scotsman".

CRITICS of one of the largest wind farms planned for Scotland warn it may never save more Co2 than it releases from fragile peat bogs.

Opposition is escalating against the 540 megawatt, 150-turbine Viking wind farm proposed for mainland Shetland. Supporters argue it will provide about 20 per cent of Scotland's domestic energy needs and bring £37 million to the local economy.

However, critics warn building the wind farm could release so much Co2 from damaged peat bogs that the scheme may never save a net amount of greenhouse gas emissions.

An objection from RSPB Scotland yesterday followed another from the John Muir Trust earlier this week.

There has also been a 3,600-name petition against the plans.

RSPB Scotland highlighted that the environmental statement submitted by developers Viking Energy calculated in the worst case scenario that the "payback period" would be 48.5 years – because so much of the gas would be unleashed from peat bogs during construction.

Lloyd Austin, RSPB Scotland's head of conservation policy, said: "The lack of certainty that there would be any significant net benefits undermines the case for development. There is no point in building renewables that potentially emit more carbon, due to peatland impacts, than they save."

This is extremely important and should be borne in mind for all the windfarms being proposed for the Westcountry.

Think about it before you sign any petitions supporting windfarms, or if you are thinking of supporting the current activity by Vesta emplouees.
Comment by Paul:
This is for the birds!