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wind turbine plant

I am very sorry to hear of the plight of the 600 Vesta workers on the IOW. It is very difficult losing your job at any time, but especially now and especially (I imagine) on the IOW where employment opportunities are limited. However, we should not confuse sentiment with sense. This country - indeed this planet - cannot survive on wind power. Last year The Telegraph (or was it The Times?) called the rapid expansion of wind farms "the biggest con trick in living memory". They are totally impractical and need in excess of 90% back-up capacity from conventional power stations. The only people to benefit are the developers, the manufacturers (like Vesta) and the landowners. Everyone else loses. We need to support green energy otherwise this planet really is doomed, but that support should be for something that is sustainable and not intermittent like wind power. I would urge everone to write to your Council, MP, MEP, Developement Agency etc etc demanding that they do everything possible to promote geothermal, micro-hydro, wave or tidal power. In fact anything except for wind. Supporting windfarm developement can be likened to standing in a hurricane and tearing up £20 notes. Absolutely pointless. Interesting to note that the Eden Project have totally abandoned their plans for a wind turbine and instead are concentrating on other "green" methods. What does that tell us? Send messages of sympathy to the Vesta people if you like - even send them food parcels but whatever you do please, please, please do not even attempt to sustain this modern dinosaur. Yes, the lights will probably go out by about 2015 which is the fault of this Government and (I regretfully have to add) the previous Conservative government for failing to plan ahead. Our only hope is to drastically cut consumption and also, within this very short timescale, to lay in additional cross-Channel cabling to pick up spare generating capacity from France. You may not like the concept of Nuclear Power but at least the French thought far enough ahead to produce more power stations. Regarding Climate Change this will never be altered by dozens of windfarms. I read recently that the amount of CO2 we in the UK would save by using wind power instead of coal-fired power stations is so small that it can hardly be measured. In fact if you take into account the back-up power stations and the enormous amount generated during the manufacturing stage they might well add to the problem! I'll finish where I started by expressing my sympathies to the Vesta workers, but not to their product.