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A collection of news stories, reports and announcements from or about Transition related matters.

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Transition in Orion

An interesting article in the Orion magazine.

Here are a few extracts:

In the British context, the memory of World War II is crucial, for during the war people experienced long fuel shortages and needed to increase local food production—digging for victory. In both the U.K. and the U.S., the shadow of the Depression years now looms uncomfortably close, encouraging an attitude of mending rather than buying new; tending one’s own garden; restoring the old.

To mend, to tend, and to restore all expand beautifully from textiles, vegetables, and furniture into those most quiet of qualities; to restore is restorative, to tend involves tenderness, to mend hints at amends. There is restitution here of community itself.
In the long fetch of the wave, the Transition Initiative should be seen as a new formulation of a very old idea. We are ineluctably and gloriously social animals. We want fellowship. We flock, we gather, we chirp, we howl, we sing, we call, and we listen. If the Transition Initiative is empowering for communities, that is because there is an enormous latent energy there to be tapped, so that communities may be authors of their own story, hopeful, active, and belonging, rather than despairing, passive, and cynical.
We’re facing a historical moment of choice—our actions now are affecting the future. Now’s the time. The system we know is breaking down. Yet out of this breakdown, there are always new possibilities. It’s catagenesis, the birth of the new from the death of the old. The process is “so creative and so chaotic. Let it unfold—allow it—the key is not to direct it but to encourage it.

Full article here: