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Topical Limerick collection

Here is a bit of fun. Can you add your own?

There was a species on two legs
who multiplied and consumed regardless
till cheap energy run out
and poor greens without a clout
couldn't stop die-out in masses

Crippled our economy, lost all our money
Raided our pension, back door taxes too numerous to mention
Sold our gold, very low, how bold
Fiddled statistics, that takes the biscuit
Broken golden rule, what a mule
So much debt, that’s inept
Prudence it was all spin, you’ve left us in ruin.
Boom bust and boasting Brown, why are you still around?

roses are red
violets are blue
with gordon as king
we're totally screwed.

There once was a Scot from Kirkcaldy
Who sold off our precious goldy
He was so out of touch
and borrowed so much -
No wonder the economy's shoddy

You sad dour Scot Gordon Brown
Our economy you've dragged down
You've left us all skint
So please take a hint
Take a one way trip out of town

I try not to whinge or to grumble
I like to stay 'onest and 'umble.
Not like our bankers
whose blood we all hanker
for causing our assets to crumble

There was an old codger called Brown,
Who always gets everyone down,
He hired the FSA clot,
Who fired the best of the lot,
And now he has devalued our pound.

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