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Transition in the News

From the Cornish Guardian, 14th January 2009

New Website Launched to Empower Communities

A new, free, networking website has been launched to help communities in North Cornwall face the impacts and opportunities presented by Climate Change and “Peak Oil”.
Significant changes in climate and the loss of resources such as oil will cause huge changes to the natural environment, the economy, the way businesses run and ultimately the way we live our lives.

The new website, hosted by Transition North Cornwall will encourage and facilitate the production of community groups aimed at tackling these pressing issues at a grass roots level.

Paul Sousek of Transition North Cornwall said:

“Public awareness of climate change has rapidly increased within recent months yet Peak Oil and its potential effects remains relatively unknown to many people.”

“Discoveries of new oil fields peaked in 1962 and have been declining ever since. In fact nowadays, for every one barrel of newly discovered oil we are consuming more than five!”
“We are simply unable to keep consuming at this rate and still live our lives as we have become accustomed.”

The Transition Movement aims to alleviate many of the predicted effects of Climate Change and Peak Oil by helping local groups to build sustainable communities, able to supply much of their own local food and services, local energy, and rediscover the spirit of mutual support.
The model which has had great success in areas such as Totness, Falmouth and Penwith encourages communities to face the issues of Climate Change and Peak Oil with innovation and creativity, aiming to encourage communities to create a way of living that’s more connected, more vibrant and more in touch with our environment.

The Transition North Cornwall Website enables residents of North Cornwall communities to access free information, advice and resources to help them build their own local transition group.

Paul Sousek added:
“It really is a great resource for North Cornwall, allowing people to make links with like minded people in their communities who they may not have been aware of.”
For further information on Transition North Cornwall visit or email Paul at