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Daylight Saving Bill supported by Government

A few minutes ago, the government put out a press release saying:

It is only right that we at least look at what the potential economic and social benefits of any change might be. As the Prime Minister has made clear we would need consensus from the devolved administrations if any change were to take place. We have therefore tabled amendments to the current Bill to make sure that it addresses these concerns.

The politician-speak is a bit confusing, but it translates roughly as follows: the government are saying they will back the Daylight Saving Bill as long as it's tweaked to give the governments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland the final say.

In the current version of the bill, the government would carry out a wide-ranging review of all the research on clock change followed by a three-year trial of whichever system the review recommends. The new version would require agreement from the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and Northern Ireland Assembly before a trial could take place.

These changes are a compromise, no doubt, but we think it's the right way to go.

There's always been strong support for lighter evenings from across the political spectrum, but with the government officially backing the bill, it's much more likely to go through.

The review (and the wider public debate) also plays to our strengths. We've been guided by the best available evidence right from the start; having the discussion on this level will expose the people who would rather repeat myths than discuss the evidence.

In other words, we're pretty excited!

This isn't a guarantee that the clocks will change – there's a lot more work to do first. But today is a big milestone in our journey together. So the message I want to leave you with today is that our approach is working. In a little over a year we've joined together into a force of 40,000 people and 86 coalition members from The FA to The AA to SAGA, to our very latest member: the Scottish branch of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents who joined up today. Welcome aboard!

We're going to see how the dust settles on today's announcement before deciding our next move together, but I hope that you're as proud as we are of today's news.

Enjoy your weekend!

Daniel Vockins
Lighter Later campaign manager

P.S. Want to take action right now? Write a letter to your local paper explaining why this Sunday's clock change will be bad for your local area.

Finding the letters page is easy: log on to the website, click the letters page and you should find it. And if your letter gets published, don't forget to share it on our Facebook page. It makes a big difference to your local MP.