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The Age of Stupid, an update


In no particular order...

Bad news:
-> We didn't get picked to be in Sundance. Just heard today. Apparently an American climate change film has pipped us to the post (not sure which post, hopefully not the one marked "best climate change film").

Good news:
-> Greenpeace screened Stupid to the Dutch parliament last week just before an important vote on the EU climate and Energy package.
-> Stupid was number 1 most watched film at the Amsterdam film market last week (see attached evidence). Most watched by European buyers checking out all the new offerings, that is.
-> We've got provisional permission to hold our London premiere in a solar powered cinema tent in Leicester Square
-> Caroline Lucas, the leader of the UK Green Party, wants to host a screening to the EU Parliament in the next few weeks (Caroline saw the film for the first time last week and said "I defy anyone to come out of the film and not feel like they've got to make a difference".)
-> The Eden Project wants to screen Stupid *every day* for all of 2009, plus organise a big summer screening for 8000 people in their biomes
-> Looks like we're doing the "Not Stupid" campaign, then, as we raised 165K at the launch event last week. The aim is to turn 250 million viewers of the film into activists and then point them all towards Copenhagen. It was a cracking evening, with a fantastic buzz, hosted by Gillian Anderson, and with a dazzling array of speakers who all took the news that they could only speak for one minute each with charming good grace. Best quote of the night came from Ashok Sinha, the Director of Stop Climate Chaos: "It is not a film to make you happy. It is a film to make you sit back and think 'What is my role on this planet?'"
-> We just set up a non-profit company for Not Stupid and the guy said it was the first time he'd set up a company with the word Stupid in it in 25 years on the job. Ha ha.

Very good news:
-> Lizzie (the producer of the film) is back from sabbatical and on the case. Organisation is slowly returning.

Ugly news:
-> We have to cut global emissions by 25% (twenty five per cent!!) by 2012 otherwise we're going to hit four degrees ("catastrophic climate change") rather than two degrees ("dangerous climate change"). The most any country has ever cut is 1% in the UK, when we switched from coal to gas, or 5%, when the Soviet Union collapsed. But don't panic, George Monbiot has worked out how we can do it:

Entertaining tosh:
-> While we were at the Amsterdam Film Festival last week I took part in a debate with some climate sceptics, which was hijacked by a medieval protestor from the Flat Earth society who wanted to shake hands with them as he had been all alone for 400 years with no friends. Ha ha ha. See pic below or watch the whole event as seen on Dutch TV (not sure they mentioned that before I agreed to it).

Let us never hear the word "Sundance" pass your lips,

Franny & Lizzie