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Kick in the teeth confirmed

Kick in the teeth confirmed. Renewable energy pioneers and DIYers will not qualify for FiT payments.

The MCS certification scheme has created a closed shop of a small number of manufacturers and installers, each charging far more than is necessary and that a non-registered manufacturer would charge. The costs of approval alone are in the tens of thousands of Pounds, creating a great barrier to entry to new suppliers.

The industry won, we the users have lost.

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to assure a fair reward for self built renewable energy projects. More details

Submitted by Brian Faux – Deadline to sign up by: 03 June 2010 – Signatures: 887

More details from petition creator
One of the proposed conditions of the recently announced Feed In Tariffs for renewable energy is that only projects which have Microgeneration Certification Scheme approved installers and equipment will qualify for FIT`s. Individuals that have pioneered the use of renewable resources by building their own Solar,Hydro and Wind installations will not be able to claim the reward promised by the FIT`s. This is a kick in the teeth for those who have led the way to a greener future at their own expense.

Government response
The MCS has an important role to play in creating a sustainable industry for microgeneration technologies. Consumers feel that certification is important to build confidence in purchasing as these technologies are still largely unfamiliar in the UK.

The MCS was notified to the EU Commission under the Technical Standards Directive 98/34/EC in 2007. The MCS is a not for profit industry-led certification scheme, supported by a wide range of stakeholders operating in the microgeneration sector. Although there was financial support from central government during the scheme’s development phase, it is now operating on a self-financing basis. The scheme fees were agreed with industry and wider stakeholders and are aimed at meeting running costs with a view to reducing certification fees over time. Certification costs will vary depending on the circumstances of individual companies.

In July 2009, a consultation document was published on the proposed design of the FITs, including the possible use of the MCS as a condition of eligibility. The response to the consultation, published in February 2010, confirmed the link with MCS as it provides a level of consumer protection and gives assurances about the likely quality, durability and performance of installations. MCS has also been linked to the Low Carbon Buildings Programme (LCBP) and the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT).

Given the establishment of the MCS as the only United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) accredited EN45011 scheme which references European and international standards, and on the basis that it has been used as the basis of existing Government support programmes, we decided that it would be beneficial to continue to use it for installations up to the capacity limit to which it applies (currently 50 kilowatts).

It is important to note the MCS standards are based on, and reference, European and international agreed standards where they exist. Certification bodies needs to be UKAS accredited to deliver MCS . We are seeing certification bodies outside the UK beginning to offer certification services which will be recognised by Gemserv following due process.