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sad spectacle of the 10:10 video

"The sad spectacle of the 10:10 video is a perfect illustration of
worldwide failure over the issue of climate change (not to mention the
pornographication of violence which has overtaken world media in recent
years). The irony of course is that the video looks like it was made by
climate change deniers -– not believers -– as an attack on the
supposed “fascism” of those who would mobilize society to reduce
greenhouse gases. The truth is that those of us who believe we are in a
planetary emergency are indeed desperate and frustrated and angry -–
but we’re not in charge, we’re not blowing up people, and in fact we
are leaderless and ineffective.

The video reflects that lack of leadership, reflects a movement — if
you can even call it that — that cannot even articulate its own
desperation. Every great movement –- anti-slavery, women’s suffrage,
civil rights –- succeeded finally because passionate people went out
in public and articulated and demonstrated that passion, at risk of life
and limb, over and over again. Because human beings are moved by
passion, and very often persuaded by it.

The deniers will deny until the moment they either stop making money
from it, or they truly understand that they are dooming their children.
In the meantime, the rest of us can only declare passionately what we
believe, and work as hard as we can for the changes we believe are
necessary. And so far we have failed at both, with the fact that someone
well-meaning could have made this video as proof of that failure.
I envy the denier, really, for they are not yet compleed to see the
terrible truth: that there is no time left for us to fail"

Marshall Herskovitz, a past
president of the Producers Guild