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A collection of news stories, reports and announcements from or about Transition related matters.

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One Cornwall report

'One Cornwall: One Planet Event'. Working group meeting 23rd October at
County Hall. 2:00pm
Present: Sophie Hosking:One Cornwall. Jo Harrison:CCCEvents officer.
Annie Moore:CCC Communications Officer.
TCN… Ron Muccleston, Lindsay Southcome, Lorely Lloyd.
Apologies: Howard Balmer. Oliver Baines.

A partnership event between One Cornwall and TCN. Aim of the event to start the dialogue for Low Carbon Communities to support One Cornwall to achieve it's emissions targets and One Cornwall to support the actions of Low Carbon communities. Information, Issues and Principles to embed
in strategy and practical projects.

A One Cornwall Officer has requested that this event be the first of 2, with the next event in approx six months. 1: First event to start the dialogue and produce list of objectives. 2: second event to assess progress.

Date for First event … 25th November 6:00 - 9:00pm. New County Hall, Truro.
Rooms available: Council Chambers, Long Gallery, estaurant and Committee rooms.

Draft Programme for the evening.
6:00 arrive: refreshments: tea, coffee, biscuits provided by CCC. (And possibly cakes from Co-op, Ron to apply).

6:30 in the Council Chambers:
1: Welcome… David Whalley or substitute.
2: Keynote Speaker… to set the global scene.(Stephan Harrison being approached).
3: Robin Miller:(Spatial planning). Cornwall overview.
4: Charmian Larke: A positive low carbon vision for Cornwall.
5: Big conversation (public discussion and questioning) between a TCNer (Oliver Baines is willing) and One Cornwall officer. This conversation will set the scene for the open space :

7:30 Open Space (active participation) event using all the rooms available. Approx 10 themed (eg energy, food, community networks, business, transport, waste, housing/built environment, etc), tables with relevant One Cornwall officer and a 'Low carbon community' experienced facilitator to capture the main points and produce a list of objectives based on "*what do we want to happen locally and *what do we want to happen trategically at Cornwall level and *how these will work in practise". (What and how we can influence and support the new council.)
Graffitti Boards also in Long Gallery with similar omments on what we would like to see .. One Cornwall and Low Carbon Communities.

8:30: Council Chamber: Panel.
8:50: Objectives/targets

If you would like to attend, please contact or 01840 230127. Places are limited, with a closing date of 14th November.

Sophie has already sent a first invite out to Leaders and Environment Kernow : now to invite other One Cornwall officers and Councillors, plus Town and Parish Councillors.
Ron, Lindsay and Lorely: to invite all organisations involved with low carbon communities and environmental issues.
Final date for booking 14th to Ron.
Next meeting 17th November 2:00 at County Hall.

Since the meeting…
There may be some amendments to the initial talks as Stephan Harrison is unable to make start of event.
Suggested format possibly…...

1:Keynote: global overview.
2:Robin Miller ... Cornwall position/challenges.
3:Tim German: energy overview
4:Charmian positive low carbon future.
5: questioner/conversation bit
then into the Open Space.

The invitation supplied by Ron….….
Could you please send these preliminary details to any members of your group who may be interested. Thank you. One Cornwall: One Planet - 25th November..
[Saving the planet for later]

Are you interested in how the new One Cornwall unitary authority will develop strategies to help us all cope with the lifestyle changes that we may have to make if we want to do our bit to reduce our 'greenhouse gas emissions' that scientists tell us are damaging our environment and
influencing changes in our climate - also known as our 'carbon footprint'.
We have recently experienced a substantial rise in fuel prices - at least petrol has made a modest downward turn for a while - but the underlying challenges still remain that we are using fossil fuels faster than we can extract them, bringing the day when only the super-rich can afford them ever nearer. How are our new unitary authority planning to meet the challenges? If you would like to know more, or even have your say, come to the first of two meetings on 25th November - there will be a follow-up meeting next year when the new structure is in being.
Working with the Cornwall Transition Network and Cornwall Community Climate Forum, we have arranged a special stakeholder meeting with the management and implementation group for One Cornwall to be held on Tuesday 25th November in New County Hall, Truro, from 6 to 9p.m. This will be your chance to hear the latest developments, question and
discuss issues that concern you with councillors and senior officials in the One Cornwall team, as well as environmental and renewable energy specialists.
Attendance is free, by invitation only, to members of bone fide Transition groups, environmental and community groups with an interest in the environment, climate change, community resilience, transport and health.
If you would like to attend, please contact
or 01840 230127. Numbers are limited, with a closing date of 14th November. (The above contact is for the whole of Cornwall and Isles of Scilly.)
[Anyone unable to attend, but who may wish to be kept informed may make such request to the above e-mail address.]
Regards, Ron Muckleston
Chairman Transition - St.Gennys & Jacobstow Ltd 01840 230127

Lorely Lloyd
Transition Falmouth: Engaging the community in designing a vibrant low energy future for Falmouth and the surrounding area to face the twin challenges posed by Peak Oil and Climate Change.