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Lighter Later campaign update

It’s been an amazing four months since we launched the Lighter Later campaign to brighten our evenings. There are now more than 20,000 of us pushing for an adjustment to the UK’s clocks and demanding an end to this daylight robbery:

The only bill you're glad to get

The most recent development is Rebecca Harris MP’s private members’ bill, which calls on the government to review all of the available evidence on the effects of the clock change:

The review will finally include a thorough examination of a report commissioned by DEFRA several years ago, which the government has used to preserve the status quo. The DEFRA report suggests that advancing the clocks could increase energy use by upping heating demands in the mornings. However, it also says that changing the clocks would increase electricity use – an idea contradicted by Cambridge academic Elizabeth Garnsey's research. What we need is an in-depth investigation to help settle these disputes properly, and that's exactly what Rebecca Harris's bill would do.

As always with complex policies, there are different opinions. However, we’re confident that once all the evidence is reviewed the government will see the overwhelming case for change – from a reduction in road accidents to a boost to the tourism industry, to environmental benefits. The bill will be read in parliament on 3rd December.

The next move

So now it's time to get strategic. The best way of getting this all-important review of the evidence is to get as many MPs supporting the clock change as possible.

The first way we’re going to do that is by lobbying our MPs to sign the Lighter Later Early Day Motion (EDM). An EDM is basically the equivalent of a petition for MPs, and needs as many signatures as possible to show that this legislation is serious and build support in the run-up to December.

Over the next month or so, we’ll be emailing a thousand of you every day with the link to a brand-new online tool we’ve developed to help you lobby your MP. Take a look at the sneak preview on the right, and look out for the finished version in your inbox very soon.

Here at LLHQ, we’re working on a top-secret solar-powered stunt for the clock change in October. More on that shortly. Meanwhile, we’re working with Dr Mayer Hilman, who is carrying out a piece of independent research on the impacts of the clock change on Scotland.

Of course, as more countries sign up to 10:10, we’ll be looking at ways some could stand to benefit by aligning their clocks to the hours when people are most active. Like many of 10:10’s suggestions, it’s a common-sense idea that could make a world of difference.

Daniel Vockins
Lighter Later campaign manager