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Another blow to our energy security

How Russia Is About to Dramatically Change the World
January 5, 2010

In a remote corner of the world, a port bristles with cranes, smokestacks, mammoth ships—and trouble for Europe.

Over the next few days, Russia will change the world. It has completed a new oil pipeline and port complex that sets Russia up to become a more powerful oil exporter than Saudi Arabia. The ramifications for Europe and Asia are profound: The shape of the global economy—and the global balance of power—will be altered forever.
Russia pumped more than 10 million barrels of oil per day during November. With Saudi Arabian production falling, Russia is now the world’s largest oil exporter. Toss in Russia’s natural gas exports, and Russia is the biggest energy superpower in the world, by far. That does not even count Russia’s massive uranium resources and nuclear expertise.

But here is why the new port in Kozmino could radically affect the future of both Asia and Europe. For over a century, Russia’s entire energy infrastructure has focused mainly on supplying Europe. That has now changed forever!
Previously, when Russia has had pricing disputes with Europe, Moscow had to play the embargo card with an obvious bluff. It had no other alternative outlet for its oil. Without the Europeans, its oil would sit in Samotlor and Tyanskoye, costing money instead of making it. But now Moscow can turn off the tap to Europe and still pump in the profits by opening the pipe wide to its energy-hungry Asian partners.

But Russia’s stranglehold on Europe is about to get even tighter—much tighter. By 2012, the espo pipeline will be twinned with a pipeline for natural gas exports so Russian gas supplies can also flow east instead of west if necessary.

This development is truly scary to Europeans.

Moscow has already demonstrated that it isn’t afraid to turn off Europe’s energy supplies when it feels it needs to. In the middle of winter 2006, Russia shut off gas supplies to Germany, and several other countries, in order to punish Ukraine. Since then, it has repeatedly used the same method to strong-arm its former Eastern European satellites back into accepting Russian dominance.

The message is clear: Russian oil and gas supplies are a weapon to be used—or not used—to freeze opponents into submission.

What this means is that we need to convert our economy to run of renewable - as soon as is possible.

We need many more wind farms, use every scrap of slurry on every farm to capture methane for heating/ cooking/ electricity, recycle all vegetable waste through anaerobic digesters, finally start investing in wave and tide projects and, most importantly, cut down our energy consumption by at least 50%.

Cornwall can do all that and more to become the energy giant of Europe. We could do extremely well, but time is so short. Look at the article. By Europe will no longer be the only realistic consumer of Russian energy. And UK will be financially in just about the worst situation (since our Government insisted on giving the banksters some 750 billion of our money (that is about £13,000 on behalf of every man, woman and child in the UK).