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... for greater sustainability and local resilience


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Please write to your MP

You might like to send a letter to your MP to support this Act to help develop localism and sustainability and bring influence down to Parish level.
Sustainable Communities Act Amendment Bill
Please support this chance to continue to engage people in politics

Please support the Sustainable Communities Act Amendment Bill. The Bill will improve the original Sustainable Communities Act 2007 that has already seen one hundred councils, and their citizens - including many of our members - put forward three hundred ideas on how to create and protect vibrant communities. This is exciting and inspiring given people's current levels of disengagement and disillusionment with politics.

The Sustainable Communities Act Amendment Bill will do the following things:

1. Create a rolling programme for proposals so that more councils and citizens can be involved in the Act's process. There is great public interest in this.

2. Involve Parish and Town Councils by formally including them in the process when their Local Authorities choose to use the Act and by also allowing them to put forward suggestions for government action via their County Associations. Very many Parish and Town Councils were involved in the campaign for the Act but are now becoming disillusioned that they have been omitted from the process. The new Bill will prevent that.

3. Involve citizens further by empowering them to petition their Local Authorities to use the Act. Many citizens have been unhappy about the fact that they can only be involved in the Act if their Local Authority chooses to be. The Bill will give them the power to petition their Local Authorities to get involved, so that residents in their areas can too. Petitioning is already government policy.

4. Proper publishing of the Local Spending Reports (LSRs). The former Minister (Phil Woolas) said the LSRs would require government to publish a local breakdown of spending and proposed spending by all public bodies, so people can see how their money is spent. But the LSRs currently contain information mostly about local government bodies. The new Bill would put this right.

The Bill would increase the involvement of people in democracy and help create sustainable communities. All parties have expressed support for these ideas.

Please, as our local Member of Parliament, urge the government and the relevant Cabinet Committees to:

. support this Bill and help ensure it becomes law in this Parliamentary Session, and

. if required, to agree to give the Bill extra time or agree to ways in which to speed up the procedure in this short session.

Thank you