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copenhagen message

Dear Friend,
I have been sent an email from Christian Ecology Link which I attach for your attention - see below.
It is very well worth close study.
This is clearly a cry from the heart which touches all of us especially at this Christmas-tide when we think of a baby born in acute poverty whom Christians believe to be God incarnate.
Of particular note is the link made throughout with those parts of the world which have contributed least to climate changes and yet bearing the brunt of its consequences. Also, worthy of especial note is the cry from those undeveloped nations under the name Avaaz and the appeal of the 350 inclusion. To remind you, the 350 refers to the parts per million of carbon to the atmosphere considered by most scientist to be the trigger point for such an escalation of the impact of climate change as to make human life next to impossible - the level now is well into the late 200s, I believe, having risen from a steady 150 constant over 10s of 1000s of years since the industrial revolutiuon began.
Finally, of compelling interest is the death of Canon Hereward Cooke after cycling to Copenhagen.
I am sure you will do what you can to inform all those within your circle of these things.
All best,

Geoff Newton

This is Ruth Jarman writing, just returned from Copenhagen.

In Copenhagen our leaders are failing our children and God’s earth.
But we can choose to hope, and that hope drives us to act faithfully.

Here’s a few quick things to do…
1. Pray (and fast if you feel inclined).
2. Sign the Greenpeace petition below
3. Sign the Avaaz petition below
4. Make a phone call with – see below


Also see notes at the end by Judith Allinson on Prince Charles'
speech at Copenhagen about the importance inmportance of Rainforest,
The Pope's message about World Peace Day and on Hereward Cooke


From Greenpeace: World leaders have arrived in Copenhagen and our
activists are ensuring that from the moment leaders set foot in
Copenhagen they receive a strong message that makes clear what we all
expect from them: action:

We are heading for a deal that leaders will hail as a success but
will not protect us or prevent catastrophic climate change. Those
countries that have contributed the least to climate change stand to
suffer first from the consequences.

Leaders like President Obama, Chancellor Merkel, President Sarkozy
and PM Brown must now take the necessary action and the bold steps
that are needed to deliver the fair, ambitious and legally binding
deal that the world is demanding.

We need your help to ensure the necessary action is taken in these
final moments.

Sign the petition that will make history . If there is one e-mail
that you forward to friends and family, please make it this one.

From Avaaz: Dear Friends,
With one day to go, the crucial Copenhagen summit is failing.

Experts agree that without a tidal wave of public pressure for a
deal, the summit will not stop catastrophic global warming of 2

Click below to sign the petition for a real deal in Copenhagen -- the
campaign already has a staggering 10 million supporters - let's make
it the largest petition in history in the next 72 hours! Every single
name is actually being read out at the summit -- sign on at the link
below and forward this email to everyone!

Copenhagen is seeking the biggest mandate in history to stop the
greatest threat humanity has ever faced. History will be made in the
next few days. How will our children remember this moment? Let's tell
them we did all we could.

With hope,

Ricken, Alice, Ben, Paul, Luis, Iain, Veronique, Graziela, Pascal,
Paula, Benjamin, Raj, Raluca, Taren, David, Josh and the whole Avaaz


From Bill Mckibben Dear Friends, ..this is an unusual
moment. In a certain sense the Copenhagen conference is going better
than we dared hope. The small nations of the world have really been
quite remarkable this week--their calls for strong climate action
have completely changed the tone of these negotiations. They have
stood up to immense pressure from the big powers, and they continue
to rally behind the banner that all of you have raised for them.
These nations are still trying to insert "350 language" into the
treaty text, at least as a symbolic aspiration for the future. This
would be a remarkable acknowledgment of physical reality, and give us
a good base to keep moving on.

But not all is well in Copenhagen. We're not going to get the
agreement that we need (current negotiations put us on track to hit
\t "_blank" a devastating 770ppm by century's end) and this
movement will need to fight on in the years ahead.

But right now, while the Copenhagen climate talks are still
unfolding, we need one final push.

So:make a phone call

We don't usually ask you to make calls, but today we're going to. At
this link you'll find a list of every head of state and his or her
phone number. You'll note that the countries are listed in either
green or red type. If your nation is in green, it means they're
fighting the good fight for 350. We need you to leave them a message
that either expresses your pride and gratitude for their commitment
to keeping 350 in the treaty text, or your earnest wish that they'll
listen to the science and consider standing with the bloc of more
than 100 nations standing for bold scientific targets.


Thanks all, in hope and peace,
Ruth Jarman

Ps. Read my blog from Copenhagen at