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Davidstow Wind Farm enquiry

On the subject of the Davidstow Wind Farm proposal.
The applicants were given consent to develop what would be Cornwall's biggest wind farm at Crowdy reservoir on Davidstow Moor by the Cornwall Council Strategic Planning Committee. This consent was given in the teeth of vociferous local (and not so local) opposition, with the usual objections - landscape perhaps being chief amongst them, but including wildlife, noise, air traffic control and so on.

Despite the consent being granted this has now come under the auspices of Government Office South West, who are deciding if it should be subject to an enquiry. (I can hear fiddles and smell smoke at this point)

I personally have grave reservations about planning decisions that override local feelings. I am also aware that wind turbines are not by themselves going to give us all the energy we think we need in future, and I do not like the fact that so much of the larger projects profits are remitted outside Cornwall, and quite a lot out of the country even. However, I have graver feelings though about energy security and supply, and the relative carbon budgets of different technologies. So I would urge all of you who share my view of the urgency of installing greater renewable generating capacity please to write to GOSW in support of the Davidstow Wind Farm applicants. It does make a difference.

I would add that many of the antis, dare I say it NIMBYs, say that we simply do not need the renewable capacity represented by this and other proposed developments around the county. I can only think they have not been paying attention over the last few years, and clearly need help catching up.

Here is the address to write to:

Government Office South West
Mast House
Shepherds Wharf
24 Sutton Road


ps, if anyone would like to join a local wind farm consortium/coop, please get in touch with me. Myself and a few like minded locals are seeking to set up something that would aim to keep all the profits within the county. C