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Global Banking crisis January 2012


Independent weekly compilation of the best internet articles and blogs relating to Global Banking Crisis

Best of the Best
· Unfixable…..Chris Martenson's 40 minute presentation (plus 30 minutes of questions) at the Gold & Silver Meeting in Madrid

· Rethinking the growth imperative

· A Run On The Global Banking System—How Close Are We?

· Why Is There A Gaping Chasm between Economics and Physics? Rising Systemic Risk and Multiple Black Swans

· Austerity Reigns Over Euro Zone as Crisis Deepens

· Money and Value…it’s the history that we need to understand!

· The Year Governments Lost Their Credibility

· Democracy on the ropes

· You Can't Solve A Debt Problem With More Debt

· You thought 2011 was tough?

· How the BBC sucked up to the eurozone

· Economic Crisis: Overview

· Bank capital fears to grow

· The Storm Surge of Decentralization

MF Global collapse

· A Run On The Global Banking System—How Close Are We?

· Interview with Attorney James Koutoulas on the Legal Battle with MF Global and JP Morgan

Oil and interconnectivity with Global economy
· The high price of oil has blocked the West's economic escape route

· UK Motorists and hauliers face record diesel prices


Global Banking crisis, economy and systemic risk
Towards the Paranormal
World’s Biggest Economies Face $7.6T Debt Led by Japan $3 trillion, U.S. $2.8 trillion; Rollover Problems in Japan and Europe
Hungary snubs EU by passing bank law
Federal Reserve secretly bails out European banks... again
The 1930?s Forgotten Economic Lessons
Peak Money Arrives
Krugman, yet again...
All gloom on the growth front
Marie Antoinette's notion wasn't all that half-baked
Death by a thousand cuts
Irish Bank chiefs may be investigated
Bill Gross Warns Of Financial Market Implosion
Bank of England set to print billions more to bolster economy
The ECB decided to subsidise private banks

Eurozone debt crisis /Ireland/Italy/Spain/Portugal/Cyprus/Greece/Iceland

· Greek bondholders poised to accept higher losses

· New eurozone fears as banks stash cash at record levels

· Italy’s Monti Says State Debts May Create Difficulties for Banks

· Italy's PM: No Nation Can Fight Debt Crisis Alone

· Draghi's plan backfires as eurozone banks still run for cover – and the crisis rolls on

· German Factory Orders Drop Most in Nearly 3 Years; Icing On the European Recession Cake

· Hungary’s dangerous dependence on eurozone banks

· Portugal Car Sales Plunge 60% in December, 31% for Entire Year; Spain Car Sales Plunge 17.7% to 1993 Levels

· Jobless rate in eurozone increases fear of recession

· Eurozone crisis hits manufacturing

· Eurozone is closer to break-up, warns Peter Sands

· French unemployment hits 12-year high

· Europe's dance of death

· Greek Hospitals Have Turned Away Expectant Mothers Who Can't Pay

· Deepening Crisis Over Euro Pits Leader Against Leader

· Spain's Budget Minister says "Serious Budget Shortfalls in All 17 Autonomous Regions"; Primer Minister Announces $19.3 Billion Package of Tax Hikes; Cockroaches and the Theory of the Unexpected


· Fresh warning on size of Spanish deficit

· Is the Euro Crisis Over?

· Eurozone strains increase with grim new economic data

· Sean Quinn and Ireland's Boom and Bust


US property Market

· Freddie Mac Now Permits Up To 12 Months Forbearance To Unemployed Borrowers

· Banks can't keep up with foreclosures anymore

· House prices fall in Oct, could drop another 5% to 10% next year

· Don't Count on Housing Market to Lead Recovery

· Is Shadow Housing Inventory Vastly Larger Than Widely Believed?

· The Secret Shadow Housing Crisis

US Foreclosure and Bank Fraud and fraud in high places
· Are the Real Estate and Mortgage Markets Irrevocably Criminalized?

· Fed to Announce Monetary Penalties for Robo-Signing and Unsafe Practices ; Another Whitewashing Move by the SEC

· Catherine Austin Fitts on Wall Street's Corruption

· Investors in US sue ex-Lloyds chiefs over HBOS deal

· Back Bill Black, 2012

· Fraud and folly: The untold story of General Electric’s subprime debacle

· Well Done, Mr. President! Now About That Foreclosure Fraud Settlement ...

UK Property Market
Housing benefit cuts will put 800,000 homes out of reach, according to study
One million people take out emergency loans to pay mortgage
Ireland's house prices at lowest levels since 2000
Mortgage rationing becomes worse, Bank of England warns

Global Pension "time bomb” and aging population
Funding gap doubles for US corporate pensions
The Pensions Perfect Storm
Bad Year for Pensions Ends Badly
Pension Cure Could Cripple U.K. Firms
Some Canadian firms face stiff pension contribution hikes
Biggest pension funds end '11 with $464B deficit

US infrastructure
Where did all our infrastructure money go? To military contractors

The affect of Austerity measures
US Cities Turn Off Their Lights As Budgets Get Slashed And Revenues Decline

Deflation or inflation?
Sinking Into The 'Great Stagnation'
A word for 2012: Liquidation
Swiss Consumer Prices Have Biggest Annual Drop in Two Years on Franc Gain

US Unemployment
Nonfarm Payroll +200,000 ; Labor Force Drops Another 50,000 ; Those Not in Labor Force Rises by 194,000 ; Unemployment Rate 8.5%; Notes from Trim Tabs on the BLS Report
US Employment Trends Since 1955

Eureka articles that challenge the status quo
In With The New: Part III of As Economic Growth Fails, How Do We Live?
Collaborative Resilience
Ignorance Is Bliss

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Forum for discussing UK Banking reform and Crisis

Positive Money UK have a forum to encourage momentum and debate