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Learning Resources

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This section is used to list resources available to Groups and individuals across North Cornwall. To use any of the Resources, just contact the originator of the message.

To add a resource, just click on 'add new comment' and fill in the 'Post a comment' form.

To comment on any of the items, just click on the item itself and then click 'reply' (bottom of page)

Global Banking crisis: October 2011

Best of the Best
· Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%

· Ben McLeish talks about the Zeitgeist Movement

· Enshrining Student Debt Slavery Into Law

· Doug Noland: “The Situation Is Utterly Hopeless”“the-situation-is-utterly-hopeless”/

· Occupy Debit Card Fees

· Rethinking Economic Growth

· Nouriel Roubini The Instability of Inequality

· Political Solutions for a Financial Crisis

· The Demonization Of Elizabeth Warren


· Tax Haven Tracker…… Use this map to find out which UK companies, banks and high street stores are using tax havens

· Derivatives: The $600 Trillion Time Bomb That's Set to Explode

· Deception, illusion, and immorality has infected global economic institutions

· Five Banks Account For 96% Of The $250 Trillion In Outstanding US Derivative Exposure; Is Morgan Stanley Sitting On An FX Derivative Time Bomb?

· The boom was the illusion

· State investment bank and the European banks meltdown (in slow motion)

· On The Cusp Of Collapse: Complexity, Energy And The Globalised Economy

· The 65 Year Debt Bubble and a New Financial System

· Failing dreams: California faces it's own Great Depression

· .

Occupy Wall Street campaign

· Dear Occupy Wall Street: Focus on the People

· We Are The 99 Percent - Even Rich People

· Panic of the Plutocrats

· Occupy Poor Street

· 4 minute video Occupy Wall Street: What’s Really Going On

· Nouriel Roubini The Instability of Inequality

· Debt cancellation without chaos – a programme for the Occupy movement?




Oil and interconnectivity with Global economy
· Peak Oil and the Financial Crisis: Where do Oil Prices Fit In?

· On The Cusp Of Collapse: Complexity, Energy And The Globalised Economy


Global Banking crisis, economy and systemic risk
Swiss officials convene bank crisis committee: report
Fitch cuts ratings on UBS and warns 12 other banks
Euro Bank Crisis Grows
Danish Bank Crisis Killing Business as Recovery Outlook Dims
Opinion: Europe must act now to prevent banking crisis,,15447746,00.html
Too Big to Fail Not Fixed, Despite Dodd-Frank: Simon Johnson

Over 70 percent of GDP comes from personal consumption in USA
Banque de France turns a blind eye to European financial crisis
Historic crisis – but bankers expect rising bonuses
ECB Chief: Europe Is 'Epicenter' of Crisis
Is the global economy facing a global banking crisis?
Printing cash won’t end banking crisis
EU crisis may pose danger to all
ECB At Risk If Greece Defaults
This Time, It Really Is Different
The Way Forward
Foreign Central Banks Selling US Treasuries at Unprecendented Levels
Shaky underground banking system raises fears in China,0,570...
Nouriel Roubini The Instability of Inequality
Lehman Catastrophic Moment Invoked as EU Seeks Crisis End
EU Bank Risks Are ‘Rapidly’ Growing, Sweden’s Andersson Says

Italy/Spain/Portugal/Cyprus/Greece/Iceland debt crisis

· Greece: Crisis Takes Toll on Health

· Portugal and Greece mired in debt-deflation trap

· Portugal Central Bank warns of fiscal deficit slippage and recession

· When Greece defaults, which South American country will it end up like?

· Bondholders must be hit in rescue plan – Chopra




· German push for Greek default risks EMU-wide 'snowball'

· Laureate Pissarides Sees Bigger Greek ‘Haircut’

· A Greek Default on the Cards but the Banks Aren't Listening

· Spain health service chokes as austerity tightens

· The End of the Eurozone

· Germany Backing Italian Debt Seen as Key to Europe Bank Crisis

· Greece the start of the slippery slope

· Europeans Won’t Let Italy Default, DBRS Chairman Schroeder Says

· Spain downgrade flags 'danger' of eurozone debt crisis


US property Market

US housing bust worst since Great Depression
Greenspan: burn houses so that public cannot get a good deal!

US Foreclosure and Mortgage Fraud
Yes, The White House Wants a Foreclosure Fraud Whitewash. They’re Not Going to Get It.
Bond insurers v. banks: MBS loss causation teed up for ruli
Foreclosure Settlement Imminent, Bank Sources Say

UK Property Market
House prices keep falling in September – RICS

Global Pension "time bomb” and aging population
Protest: Retired RTA employees not paid pensions for 4 months
Pension deficit disorder is QE's hidden danger

· Mercer Analysis: U.S. Pension Plan Deficit Hits Post-World War II High
Siptu has pension scheme deficit of over €100m
U.S. pension funding deficit reaches record levels: Study
UK pension funds' deficit grows, says PPF
Majority of pension schemes in debt as combined deficit soars
£200bn black hole puts more pensions at risk as deficit grows by £80bn in just FOUR weeks
How Many People Can Earth Hold? Well..
UK pension funds need derivatives rethink
Irish pension deficits dwarf market caps
U.S. Birth Rates Decline in Wake of Poor Economy

US infrastructure
PROBLEM BRIDGES: Democrats say they have a solution to fix both Iowa's bridges and the economy,0,5919955.story

The affect of Austerity measures
· 5 Social Conditions That Could Collapse the U.S. Economic System
Child Poverty on the Rise
Florida: Tax collections expected to fall sharply
Tent cities grow as homelessness rises in U.S.
Pennsylvania's Capital City Files for Bankruptcy
U.S. Birth Rates Decline in Wake of Poor Economy

Deflation or inflation?
Why deflation is worse than inflation
'Depression' back in the mainstream lexicon
The Great Depression vs. the Great Recession
Inflation, Money Circulation Problems = Gangrenous Liquidity, Rising Gold Price
The Paradox of Deflation Facing Global Investors
One bear feeling good about deflation call
Inflation Or Deflation. Which Will Carry The Day?

US Unemployment
US faces structural unemployment, fund managers

Eureka articles that challenge the status quo
The End Of The Future
Ben McLeish talks about the Zeitgeist Movement
Less Stuff, More Happiness
Why the State Demands Control of Money
Another Sign The Apocalypse Is Upon Us

POSITIVE MONEY CONFERENCE: Saturday 29th October 2011, Central London