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This section is used to list resources available to Groups and individuals across North Cornwall. To use any of the Resources, just contact the originator of the message.

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Global Banking Crisis: July 2011


Independent weekly compilation of the best internet articles and blogs relating to Global Banking Crisis

Best of the Best
· Reinhart and Rogoff: The Economy Can’t Grow With Debt

· Europe Readies for the Worst

· The bank stress tests are missing the point of Europe's massive problems

· We are poorer than we think....

· Poverty in America, Part I


· Europe Fights the Growing Currency Crisis,1518,774483,00.html

· The Great Global Debt Depression: It's All Greek To Me

· The end of the age of excess

· America On The Precipice

· The Big Banks Are Waging Warfare Against the People of the World

· A Short History of US Credit Defaults

· Dicing with debt and the future

· Euro crisis could cause global markets to crash

· The Real State of US Housing

· Why Banks Aren't Lending: The silent liquidity squeeze

· Wall Street’s Euthanasia of Industry

Chart of the week

The Baltic dry index, a measure of global shipping, remains at a sixth of its 2008 value

Oil and interconnectivity with Global economy
· Fact of the week … the average US car fuel consumption is 27.3 mpg (8.6 litres/100km)

· The Relationship Between Peak Oil And Peak Debt - Part 1?

· The Relationship between Peak Oil and Peak Debt - Part 2?

· US Fuel economy The Difference Engine: Priced off the road?

Global Banking crisis, economy and systemic risk
· The support given to EU banks is killing the recovery?

· Item Club lowers GDP forecasts over euro crisis

· A eurobond or an inflation solution

· European Banking Authority was hobbled over stress tests

· German 'Nein' leaves Italy and Spain in turmoil

· The US Student Loan Scam

· The Beginning of the End of Europe

· Bernanke Pledges More Monetary Stimulus, Dollar Tanks, Gold Soars

· Greece needs more aid by Sept. 15 – minister


· Spanish bank IPOs threatened by worsening crisis

· French Banks Face Greatest Italian Risk

· Divinely comical

· Italy money supply plunge flashes red warning signals

· We Give Up!

· A Bank Run in Greece May Trigger an Unintended Resolution of the Crisis

· The Crisis of Financial Market Capitalism as a Challenge for the Left

· Treasury accounts show UK government under pressure

· Stress tests fail to rescue Europe's banks,Authorised=...

· The Next Crisis Will Arise in the BRIC Countries

· Return of the Gold Standard as world order unravels


· Crisis of the euro – shades of the Titanic

· Gloomy US consumers cast dark cloud over economy

· The Emergence of Europe as a Union

· Stop Blaming Wall Street

· What Happens in a World Without Dollars?

· The real banking crisis - too much lent to people who can't pay

· What history teaches us about global financial crises: they always hurt

· Irish people question why they should be sacrificed to pay private banker debt

Gold Matches Record Winning Run On U.S. Debt Fears

International loan shark

US property Market

Job market dictates real estate market
The impending slow motion doom for housing
Pasadena property falls over 50 percent in 7 years
A House Is a Lousy Investment
Strategic default is moral imperative to prevent future housing bubbles
Average Housing Prices On Decline
Most Expensive House In New Jersey Dropped $16 Million
Mortgage applications drop for the fourth week
The housing slump is far worse than you think

US Foreclosure and Mortgage Fraud
As Government Nears Accord With Banks, Questions Swirl Over Scope Of Investigation
Deutsche Bank Sued by Dexia on $1 Billion Over Mortgage-Backed Securities
Dimon: "Everybody Is Going to Sue" Over Mortgages

UK Property Market
House prices in the red until 2020, warns PwC
House prices fall as property market hits stalemate
Thousands of properties have their asking prices cut
The property ladder that threatens to become a snake
Sellers lower asking prices by almost £4,000 in a month as record number of homes go unsold

Global Pension "time bomb” and aging population
UK Govt figures to include public sector pension deficit
Treasury will reveal its debt is worth trillions of pounds
A Small City’s Depleted Pension Fund Rattles Rhode Island
US Census: Share of children in US hits record low
Public pension deficit at £1.1trn
More austerity needed to pay for old age
Barack Obama can't guarantee the pension's paying
UK National Association of Pension Funds warning: saving 5% a year is not enough

The affect of Austerity measures
15 Examples That Show Many Americans Have Become So Desperate That They Will Do Just About Anything For Money
US Economy Faces a Jolt as Benefit Checks Run Out
Union: prison cuts will result in riots, violence (Connecticut)
Minnesota shutdown stirs debate over who gets paid
Flash Mobs Thwart Foreclosures in Spain
Why the Real Estate Recession is Halting US Divorces
The Great Recession and Marriage
Food Stamps: The Struggle To Eat

Deflation or inflation?
Has the 120-year Inflation Deflation Cycle Bottomed Early?
Credit Inflation or Debt Deflation?
How Groupon and LivingSocial Celebrate Deflation in America
Deflation Fears Are a Distant Memory
The Long Wave Deflation Big Picture
My Moneymaking Prediction... Deflation
Today's Equity Dilemma: Micro Versus Macro Investing
Gary Shilling's Seven Faces Of Deflation
US Economy: RIP Deflation

US recessionary trends
Full Spectrum Decay
US trade deficit widens to $50bn
Pennsylvania Budget Cuts Economic Development By 35 Percent
Oregon agency to close 3 sex offender units
Budget cuts hit Louisiana state parks, museums
'More than 3m UK households in financial difficulty'
95% Of Americans Are Getting Poorer Every Year

US Unemployment
Overtime, Not Wage Increases, Drive Income Growth
Job changes by field
US unemployment,Authorised=...
Failed stimulus cost us all $278K per job
Retail Sales in U.S. Stagnate as Unemployment Hurts Consumers
Stalking the Cause of Unemployment

Eureka articles which challenge the status quo
Ron Holland Says US Social Chaos Is Inevitable in Switzerland Press Interview

The Real Significance Of The Debt Ceiling Debate

Building Resilience to coming crises
Down But Not Out

Alternative Currencies, changing the Banking System
Regulating the Global Financial System
Swiss Parliament to discuss gold franc
The flaws in fractional reserve and maturity transformation