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This section is used to list resources available to Groups and individuals across North Cornwall. To use any of the Resources, just contact the originator of the message.

To add a resource, just click on 'add new comment' and fill in the 'Post a comment' form.

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Banking Crisis Digest week 5 January 2011

Rational human beings do not base their decisions on reality but on their understanding of reality and the two are never the same – although the extent of the divergence does vary from person to person and from time to time – and it is the variance that matters……..George Soros


Independent weekly compilation of current internet articles and blogs relating to Global Banking Crisis

You may not have time to read all the articles. To help you be selective, those articles which I consider an important read or viewing, I have prefixed with XXXXX

Global Debt Clock

Must read Overview Article
XXXXX Davos meeting faces global burnout threat

Peak Oil and interconnectivity with Global economy
XXXX XXXX Welcome, ‘Peak Oil’

XXXX The Peak Oil Catastrophe-in-waiting

Global Banking crisis, economy and systemic risk
XXXXX XXXXX More Icelandic bankers arrested

XXXXX XXXXX Iceland shows zero tolerance and arrests bankers

XXXXX XXXXX Economic Recovery? US Housing Shows There Is No Economic Recovery

XXXXX XXXXX Accounting tweak could save Fed from losses | Reuters

XXXXX XXXXX ECB warns of risk of Irish bank run

XXXXX XXXXX Bailout List: US Banks, Car Companies, and More

XXXXX Moody’s Says Time Shortens for U.S. Debt Outlook A shock and a salutary lesson

U.S. Bancorp Enters New Mexico as 4 More U.S. Lenders Collapse

U.S. needs to make progress on deficit, IMF warns

Euro zone crisis seen turning corner

Banks Accepted And Bundled ‘Deficient’ Loans

'UK Must Kill Off Debt Spectre'

British economy unexpectedly shrinks; pound slumps Economic Report slumps-2011-01-25

Banks Get Tough With Municipalities

IMF predicts faster global growth

Who is on the Federal Reserve Board?

World Economic Forum Endorses Fraud

Interview with Nouriel Roubini

European Debt Games

Dallas Fed President Attacks Ron Paul

The Economic State of the Nation is Not Good

Differences between European crisis, muni debt crisis

Bank valuations stuck at 2009 lows showing no crisis recovery

E-mails Suggest Bear Stearns Cheated Clients Out of Billions

Japan’s Credit Rating Cut to AA- by S&P on Mounting Debt Burden

Japan downgrade: The beginning of the end?

The housing bubble was global and the crash is global

Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission Report

The Totally Bullshit FCIC Commission Report and Dissents, Which Put All Together Actually Reveal Something

Americans Increasingly View Global Economy As A Negative

There are hundreds of articles each week about the continuing US Property slump. Here's a sample of them

Sacramento houses selling for the price of a car

US Housing Market Slow to Recover From Collapse in Prices

Why prices will continue to fall

23 percent who lost homes to foreclosure could afford payments

Foreclosure activity up across most US metro areas

Satellite Tour Of America's Foreclosure Wastelands

Churches Find End Is Nigh

US Foreclosure Fraud and mortgage Bond fraud
XXXXX Wall Street Appears To Have Violated Federal Securities Law, Crisis Panel Finds

“Massive Fraud” Alleged in Suit Against B of A’s Countrywide Financial

Bank of America’s Mortgage Headaches Won’t End

Did Bear Stearns Know Its Mortgage Securities Were a House of Cards?

UK Property Market
Property investment ‘in decline’

U.K. January Home Prices Fall on Drop in Demand, Hometrack Says

Pension "time bomb” and aging population

XXXXX Report reveals growing council pensions black hole

XXXXX Moody’s Credit Ratings of States to Factor in Unfunded Pensions

XXXXX Pensions add to US states’ leverage

XXXXX Spain to Pass Pension Bill as Yields Continue to Surge

XXXXX Dead ahead: US State and city pension FAILURES!

XXXXX US City must weigh pension needs against taxpayers'

XXXXX US State pension + debt = big numbers

Yet another battering for our pensions

The affect of Austerity measures
XXXXX XXXXX Bank of England chief Mervyn King: standard of living to plunge at fastest rate since 1920s

Austerity preferable to euro break-up, says German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Retail sector pain in the city as HMV and GIVe close stores

North African Unrest May Spread as Davos Warns on Food Prices

In U.S., One in Four Unemployed Adults in Financial Distress

UK consumer poll finds 'astonishing collapse' in confidence

Deflation or inflation?
XXXXX Inflation? No Problem ... If You Avoid Food

Our currency has gone West as stagflation nears

Inflation’s Real Victims: Quality, Honesty, Character’s-real-victims-quality-honesty-character/

US recessionary trends
XXXXX Potholes Gape From Detroit to New York as Funds Fade

27.6% Teen Jobless Rate For 2010 An Illinois Record

Only 35% of Americans Have Emergency Savings

US Unemployment

XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX Only 47% of working age Americans have full time jobs

Eureka Articles that may inspire you to question the status quo

XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX Conserving Doomed Systems (Or, Why We're Staying On The Titanic)

XXXXX XXXXX The Big Squeeze 1: Predicting the Effects of Savings Extortion and Abuse of the Middle Class

XXXXX XXXXX The Big Squeeze 2…Abused Fundamentals and Fake Markets: How They Play Out

XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX Exponential Credit Petri Dish