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Renewable Energy Directory

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Sintex Biogas

Floating Drum type Biogas Plant
Breaking new ground with Biogas

Sintex biogas plants are thus the first portable and ready-to-use plants anywhere in the world. Sintex Bio Gas plant is:
Ready to use and Easy to install No Problems of Leakage Requires very less maintenance It is cleaner than conventional system Easy to relocate, if required It maintains inside temperature even in winter for more efficient Gas production

Sintex Biogas Plants offers the healthiest way of converting biomass into eco friendly Bio Gas that can be used for Cooking or producing Electricity. Sintex BioGas Plant is Ready to use and Robust System for processing of Bio Mass and recovering Bio Gas and Bio Gas Manure. Extreme Care must be taken to ensure successful working of Plant. Sintex BioGas Plant doesn’t require civil work. Installation can be fully underground, half underground or over the ground.

What kind of Bio Mass can be used as feed stock ?

It can use Bio Mass like animal dung, kitchen waste, human waste, garden waste, agriculture waste, leaves of fruits, vegetable pieces, cakes of non-edible oilseeds, waste grain, seed of any plant species as well as non-marketable or non-edible seeds (wild species of Ficus, mango and banana), rhizomes of Bananas, canna, nutgrass, left over food, flour swept from the floor of a flour mill, spoilt milk can also be used as feedstock.

Can I get the electricity from it?

Yes, Sintex Bio Gas Plant can be connected with special type of Bio Gas ( Duel Mode ) operated Engine which will convert Bio Gas in to Electricity

What are the benefits of Bio Gas Manure?

Bio Gas Manure nourishes the soil with supply of essential nutrients. It doesn’t have bad smell. Insects do not grow in it. Water holding capacity of the soil increases which helps growth in plants It enhances the aeration of soil for root penetration resulting in better growth. Bio Gas Manure doesn’t have any side effect. Cost effective compared to other chemical fertilizers It can be used in Kitchen Gardens, Terrace Gardens, Horticulture, Nurseries soil

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