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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

Renewable Energy Directory

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Cornish Wood Fuels

Cornish Wood Fuels

Renewable energy from pure waste wood

Cornish Wood Fuels is part of Rawnsley Woodland Products. Established in 1996, RWP works to add value to wood harvested from woodlands in the South West. Our wide ranging experience covers many aspects of wood and woodland related work. From the design and establishment of new woodland to the maintenance and management of existing woods. From harvesting and coppicing trees through kiln drying to the manufacture of a wide range of products such as high quality furniture, wooden buildings, architectural timbers, cladding and shingles.

We believe that trees are amazing and that with respectful and productive use we can promote their value, stewardship and products of the woodland. It is our aim to encourage and increase in the number of trees and their sustainable use

Sustainability is at the heart of our business. Whilst we do not claim to be exemplary, we do our best to behave in a way that is respectful of the environment. Our timber is harvested only from well managed woodlands and is sourced as locally as possible. We use waste vegetable oil from restaurants in Newquay to power our generators and vehicles. The exhaust heat from the generator dries the sawdust for our pellets and briquettes. We employ local businesses wherever possible to provide supplies and services. And our wood waste is turned into renewable fuels with a low carbon footprint.

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High energy biomass fuel made from pure wood waste. Wood pellets are used in specialist automated appliances:

Seasoned hard and soft wood logs from well managed woodlands delivered to your door:

Clean and dry wood briquettes are easy to handle and store. Briquettes can be used in all types of wood and solid fuel: